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  • rekless

    XP home edition 10 gigs there are 1.8 gigs free

    There are two users listed, now I have log on to both and cleaned out the files that are shared, still no improvement.

    Over the past year it has added vitual memory a couple of times; therefore, I assume (I know the joke) it moves some memory from one section to another and I am running out of memory.

    If I removed one would it free up some hard drive?

    If so, how do I remove one of the users?

    I have ran and deleted most of the bmp files, ran disk clean up, and have defraged.

    no matter what I do I can not free more than 1.8 gigs.

    thanks in advance


  • 10p

    you need to find what is taking up the space first

    go to Windows Explorer, and right click->properties on the all the folders off the main Hard Disc (C:) - it will tell you how much space each folder takes

    (in case you dont know, you will find Windows Explorer under Start->All Programs->Acessories)

    of course C:\Windows and c:\Program Files and C:\documents and settings are where you would expect most to be used.

    under C:\documents and settings, you will find the folders for the two users. right click on each one and see how much space they are using.

    you might find the space is being used up somewhere you didn't expect.

    if you want to delete a user, go to control panel->user accounts. From there you should be able to easily delete an account, so long as the other one is an administrator. Sorry I'm at work on XP Pro, which is a bit different in the way it handles users, so I cant go step by step through it.

  • searchingforfriends

    There's a program called squoia view you can download for free at It provides a very simple visual of your hard drive and you can see what's taking up so much space.

  • Little Drummer Boy
    Little Drummer Boy

    It'll be the Service packs and Windows updates that have slowly taken up the room. Especially if you also have applications like Office (that gets updates also)

    An XP comp with Office installed and all updates can easily push the limits of a 10GB drive.


    sounds like a time to upgrade. 10GB's, while it still is a decent amount, its just not enough these days.

  • Satanus

    You only have 10 gigs?! Really, that's not much. Hard disks are so cheap, now. You could use a program to ghost everything onto a bigger disk, and carry on as if nothing changed, except a lot more space.


  • greendawn

    That's also what I would say, add some more Hard Disk capacity by now even a 250GB HDD is cheap as the front end has reached at least 750 GB if not 1000 GB = 1 Terabyte.

    In the UK even a 750 GB HDD costs around £80 - £100 = $160 to $200. In the USA they are usually cheaper.

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