Barbara Anderson: Errors with French translation of her document!

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  • Nick!

    After Barbara’s OK to go ahead with the Italian translation of her document “The Discoveries of Barbara Anderson”, I found several mistakes, some very important, in the French translation already posted in the month of February in a French website.

    When I asked for help in tracing Barbara to ask for her permission to translate into Italian her document, someone here on this forum has called her to tell her about my request and Barbara did in fact get in touch with me through PM.
    I have written back since a PM to Barbara thanking her, and giving her my personal Email ID, but she did not reply neither by PM nor by Email.
    This means to me that Barbara does not regularly have the time to look-up this forum, but that some people who know her very well can get in touch with her, when the need comes up.

    May I then ask you again the favor to …. Call Barbara, let her know about this important message and that I have left a PM on the forum for her to reply.

    Thanks a lot my friends!


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