Incomplete Memorial Campaigns

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  • WTWizard

    Remember the past Memorial campaign? They were under strict orders that the whole territory had to be worked between March 1 and March 22, no excuses. Many of us got those wastes of paper. However, quite a few did not.

    Where I am, there were plenty of people that never got their wastes of paper (I only got a phone call, which I let the answering machine get and did not return). With the shrinkings of congregations, and people spending more time at Starbucks than out in field circus, it has to be getting harder for fewer people to get to more houses with those wastes of paper. And it makes for quicker, more dumbed down placement presentations.

    I wonder if this is widespread. I am hoping there are other congregations with half or more of the territories that did not get their wastes of paper. The more places where less than half the territories were successfully worked, the better. And, I hope they did not "tip" the waitress at Starbucks with a waste of paper without something they can live on.

  • BFD

    Last year I did not find my invitation until I was doing spring clean up. I found it while I was raking. I never got one this year unless Satan hid it again. If that's the case, I'm sure I'll find it again during spring clean up outside.


  • Quirky1

    I seen my wife had about 50 left over. I used them to start a fire and burn some brush.


  • Hope4Others

    Dido with the phone call.

    I hope they did not "tip" the waitress at Starbucks with a waste of paper

    I'm sure they did.....


  • WTWizard

    With all those coffee breaks, and that they probably "tipped" the waitresses at Starbucks solely with one of those wastes of paper, I bet each of those waitresses lost more than $10,000 in potential income. Now, if only I could raid the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund and give those waitresses the money they lost because of that, I might be able to put a crimp on the witlesses' protecting pedophiles and pay a few of the waitresses' bills at the same time. Plus it might even slow their campaign to legalize the Second Dark Ages.

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