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  • reficul

    Anyone want to share their expierences on the clicks that would form in your meetings. Usually in my meeting they were started by the children of the so called elders. Freaking hipocrits, and spreading rumors and judging people all the time.

  • R.Crusoe

    Elders in my cong when I was converted were generations down the line and all had vested ineterests from marriage for children to business stuff! I was obviously an intruder in their world and treated 2nd class to many but unaware due to my believing their rhetoric!

    And the amazing thing is how many of them came through 75 and didn't blink due to vested interests which at the time made me think they were very spiritual saying as how Jehovahs was giving food at the proper time till I even saw a sister on her wedding day shoving her cleavage up a younger brothers nose! It kinda made me wonder WTF I had been thinking to delude myself that they were so much different than anyone anyplace? And knowing my wife enjoyed this prospect sorta laid the ground for our delayed demise!

  • Quirky1

    The so called, cliques, in our congo were a bunch of drunks! These people would invite you over and get to know you and if you met their requirments you were fine but if not they would never invite you again. All they did was drink and party! In which I participated, until I found them out, but that is all they did. They were a bunch of showy hypocrites. I loathe them now for how they treated others. These people were the Elders and their wives as well as the PO ans MS. People you were supposed to look up and respect. I never agreed with this kind of treatment even when I was in H.S. The only time they want anything to do with you is when they want something.

    People like that suck.


  • uwishufish

    The click was formed by those that had $ and higher inteligence in my congo. We're still freinds many years after we all left. I think some of those who stay in use it as some sort of weird therpy. My dad always used to quote several proverbs like The wise associate with the wise. And don't cast your pearls before swine. Kinda shows how he felt about the low lifes at the kh.

  • ozziepost
    clique Definition

    clique ( klik, klek )


    a small, exclusive circle of people; snobbish or narrow coterie

  • BFD

    Welcome, reficul.


  • WTWizard

    The lead hounder in the congregation I used to go to was fat (out of shape) and ugly, and in poor physical health. His wife and children were also fat (also out of shape), and also ugly. They had no entertainment whatsoever--all their time was to be spent in field circus or pursuing theocraptic goals.

    Anyone not fitting their mold was cast out, and they would persecute anyone that tried to live a more balanced life.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Yea you mean Clique....we had three distinct ones. The Elder's kids, the bad ones (this was the one I was in) and the poor kids.

  • raindog

    The issue of "cliques" is a major reason why I don't want anything to do with the JW's. When my family relocated we started attending a hall in Mentor,Ohio. I had never, and never since then, seen a group of people so snobbish in my life. One family reached out to fellowship with my family, but only out of obligation. My brother and I were only invited to parties out of obligation. Even when we were invited, I hated going because no one wanted to associate with us anyway. I never understood why a group of people that consider themselves "God's chosen people" separate rich, poor, socially inept, etc into groups just like the "world" does.

    This contrasts greatly with what I found in a christian church I attended for years. Everyone felt welcome in the church. We always took visitors and new people out for coffee and invited them to our homes. After church on Sunday, everyone was invited to someones home for lunch. Note I say "everyone". It didn't matter whether you had money, looks or could hold a conversation. We considered them all "God's children."

  • ibme


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