Fantastic Metaphoric Story You'll Relate To

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  • onesong

    from the book The Power of Your Supermind , Vernon Howard

    There was a shipped named Life traveling to a place called Harbor. It contained the usual assortment of ocean voyage passengers. Running into a storm the ship lost it's rudder. The passengers ran around and cried out in confusion. The officers, who were very proud of being officers, calmed the crowd assuring them "Just trust us , everything is alright."

    But there was one True Voyager who wondered and deep down knew that not all was right. When he asked why the rudder was not being repaired he got evasive answers. When he insistently asked whether they knew how to make repairs, they reminded him that their word was not to be questioned.

    So the True Voyager spent his time at the railing, looking for land.

    Meanwhile the officers set up counseling sessions for the passengers. Neatly dressed in their pressed uniforms with bright brass buttons, they smilingly advised, "There is no need to think for yourself, just have faith you are in good hands. We care for you. The Harbor you seek is yours in exchange for obedience to us. When in doubt about anything just come to us."

    From time to time, the True Voyager entreated others to join him in the search for land. Hearing this, the officers became resentful and angry. They warned the people, "That is a strange man with strange ideas. Just remain true to your officers who care for you. We care about you so much we do not want you to be burdened with having to think for yourselves.."

    Dazzled by the officers brass buttons, they all nodded gratefully in unison.

    One day, the True Voyager spotted land. He called to the others to let them know, but they were sitting stiffly, almost hypnotically in a counseling session, their dazed faces reflecting the officers brass buttons.

    Knowing they could not hear him, the True Voyager jumped overboard and swam to solid ground.

  • VoidEater

    Hmm...deja vu all over again...

  • bigmouth

    So what happened to the people on the ship ?

    ...As the ship continued, rudderless, (but somehow miraculously 'tacking' into the wind) the faithful people on board remained unaware of their true plight. The word spread that one of their number had apostasized and left the security of the ship...

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