What are my politics?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    As a lifelong dub, I was accustomed to hearing the word 'conservative' to describe our 'Christian' thinking. Indeed, liberal thoughts, ideas, customs, were certainly not acceptable in the niche where we dwelt. Also, since the Christian 'religious right' proclaims conservatism as it's parti pris, [and who was more 'Christian' than Jehovah's Witnesses?], I had the term fused to my personal description, [though enigmatically from a political standpoint], long before I left that religion.

    I have begun to unravel that part of my philosophical onion in recent months, and have surprised myself as to where I come out in the examination of my views. While I am far from 'left' in most of my thinking - I am just as far from 'right'. I know, I know... a moderate is just a fence rider - a damndable place to found, where the Devil shall spit in delight - Well, maybe. I share part of the liberal point of view. I find conservative values on some issues to be integral to my character, but far from all of them.

    I began to notice in recent months, that although I believed I would become a steadfast conservative politically, largely based on my previous misconceptions as to the honest meaning of that term, I find cannot support the platform fully. I lean toward national health care, a green environment, and a compassionate view of the populace. But not toward a foolish tax and spend government. I have trended away from big-business and toward blue collar thinking. I am a dove. I still believe that abortion is wrong, though I don't condemn others for their view on this strictly personal matter.

    So it goes. I peel a layer, and find another. I am happy with my ubiquitous 'moderate' label at the moment, though I believe I am leaning farther and farther left. I know not how many layers have yet to be discovered, nor what lay at those levels should I uncover them. But I am finding the birth compelling, like diving toward the light.

    Who knew that leaving that frustrating religion behind would make life so complicated? Or so damned interesting?

    Here's to discovery! Care to share a drink with this moderate?


  • Robdar

    Here's to discovery! Care to share a drink with this moderate?

    Cheers! I'll drink with ya!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Well - must be conservative as far as drinking goes - for just the thought of that drink makes me sleepy. So it is off to sweet slumbers for me.

    I do hope I don't dream of Hillary!


  • Satanus

    I'm liberal in some things, conservative in others. I don't care.


  • beksbks

    I'll have a cup of coffee with you Jeff! It's a bit early for a drink. Good for you, for thinking it all through. Something we were certainly discouraged to do as dubs. May I suggest a radio show, or one of the hosts books? He's very knowledgable, and the introduction on the show is "from the radical middle". It's just sensible in my mind. Anyway, his name is Tom Hartmann. Possibly Thom.

  • berylblue

    I'm also very liberal in some ways and very conservative in others. But I do like wine. Lots of wine. Let's drink.

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