Drifting back from Orthodox to Rastafarian

by SonoftheTrinity 5 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • SonoftheTrinity
    I couldn't keep the Orthodox Vegan fasting for Lent. No dairy to bind the oxalates in all the soy products did a number on my stony kidneys. So I'm reverting back to Rastafari I guess. I just can't walk the walk of Orthodoxy. Now everybody thinks Rastafari is a cult. but it sure has the healing for the kidney problems caused by trying to keep Orthodox. Controversial beliefs and practices yes, top-down high control no. Now my wife is going to slander me, but its my life and my Rasta brethren were there before my marriage and they will be there after my marriage. I was a Rastafarian since 16 years old, converted to Ethiopian Orthodoxy in 2004, met and married my JW wife a couple years later, but never really renounced being a Rastafarian. 11 years later I just can't keep the discipline, spent all my money on vegetarian food I can't eat because of high oxalates, spent the rest of my money on the doctor. No money to go to church. But my Rasta brethren are always there for me. Thank God I don't need a Church and I don't need a Gang. All the Churches have gone astray JW especially which is why I bear the mark of a Nazarite. I want the world to call me a dirty dreadlock hippie, for the scorn of the world is a blessing from Jah that the JWs think they know but they really don't.

    Are you serious?!?! Geez man!! Eat what you want! You are a primate for God's sake! Tear the flesh from a lesser life-form, throw it on a grill, have a beer...


  • cappytan
    You need to follow The Middle Way.
  • cofty
  • sir82
    The doctrine is still crap, but the drugs are better. Go for it!
  • SonoftheTrinity

    Data dog I had chicken last night and it was delicious...I need the enzymes and calcium in yogurt and cheese to keep from getting kidney stones, but both dairy and meat are hard for me to digest. Being Vegan actually felt good and regular, until my kidneys told me something was wrong.

    Cappytan the only Dharmic religion that ever had any appeal to me was Sikh. I just can't believe anything a clean shaven man or unheadcovered woman says as a religious authority any more than a little boy or girl, I guess that makes me a bigot. In fact I should do a study with some Jehovah's Witnesses but make the brother wear a glue-on beard as a sign of respect to me as the householder.

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