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  • RealWriting

    I am attempting to write a book about religion, but focusing on the culture, experiences, and beliefs surrounding all various kinds of religion, not just the plain black and white histories of them all. I want to write about why people believe, their lifestyles, and what turned them on (or off) to religion. Whether your story is a small blurb or a detailed one is up to you and/or your contacts, and if you want to assist with the collecting of stories, feel free! This is a book that I hope the world can enjoy, and it will be something that we can all learn from, since we'll be sharing and learning with each other.


  • cognac

    Hello Real and welcome!!!

    Would names be used??? Also, have you ever been a JW???

    Ohhhh, the stories we could tell....

  • Honesty

    I was raised in a doomsday cult.

    Wanna know a little more about how it affected my perspective of other people?

  • RealWriting

    Thanks for the welcome. Real names will only be used if the contact permits. Everything is up to the contact - type of submission, amount of expression, personal information, etc. The more the merrier, and the more personal the better.

    I am not a JW. This project is for everyone, but it's also for myself, as I consider this a type of spiritual journey, where I'll be learning from and collaborating with others, in order to teach myself and others about how similar we all really are.

    You can either message me or email me ([email protected]). If you're interested.


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