Will JW's become a pedophile attraction ?

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  • cookiemaster
    With all this publicity of how they protect pedophiles and how they instruct members to not report them, could it be possible that JW's will become an attraction for pedos ? Will we see a chance in doctrine? Will gibberish buddies admit there's a problem in the borg?
  • sir82
    It takes a fair bit of time & effort to be accepted as a JW, There are organizations that are easier to get into, and less restrictive in other areas, than JWs.
  • Finkelstein

    I doubt that pedoiflles are going to be now attracted to the JWS as a causative result of this recent growing public awareness.

    As to the WTS making some proactive changes to their internal policies ?

    I'm not optimistic on that either unless they are ordered to by law.

    The British government is looking into this right now.

    Some of the problem with pedophilia in the JWS religion is that most JWS don't understand this psychological disorder, they just see it as another sexual misconduct such as fornication or adultery.

    If a person does come forward and admits to doing such a thing, they treat it in similar fashion as someone who committed adultery.

    They are usually Dfed but after awhile if they show repentance, they are given the opportunity to rejoin the congregation or other congregations as it may be. All of this time they given nondisclosure to the rest of the congregation to why they were Dfed , during and after .

    As you can see from the Candace Conti case this can play into the availability to re-attack another victim .


    Will JW's become a pedophile attraction ?

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  • OrphanCrow

    A person could hope that the publicity would deter pedos from joining the JWs. However, pedos are predatory in nature, and they also think that they are smart enough not to get caught.

    I do think that there will be some pedophiles who will target the JWs after they hear that children are so poorly protected within the organization.

    Of course, a predatory pedophile will latch onto any opportunity to play out their sickness, regardless of the consequences. It would be myopic to think that deterring pedophiles would result from media exposure because the exposure could very well attract the sickos who don't believe they will be caught.

  • Vidiot

    cookiemaster - "Will JW's become a pedophile attraction?"

    I think a pretty strong argument could be made that it already is.

    Not anymore, though.

  • BluesBrother
    Sadly, a lot of the reported cases involve long term J W's and a fair number of elders & Min Servants. These people are already in , not new joiners

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