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  • DubNoMo

    I would appreciate it if someone could answer a couple of questions for me. 1. Back in the 70s there was a time when the WTS (aka Borg) prohibited organ transplants. Later, they revised the theology (surprise) to say obtaining a transplant was a matter of personal conscience. Is this still the current doctrine or has it changed again? 2. Is the NWT and/or WTS matching concordance available on DVD/CD? Thanks for your help.

  • RR

    1. No, organ transplants are NOT against JW rules. They allow it.

    2. No, the concordance is not available on CD, at least not that I know of.


  • yknot

    Organ transplants are still a 'matter of conscience', the only recent mention of organ transplants has been in reference to blood transfusion back in 2006. I don't know any JWs in my KH or elsewhere who feels organ transplants are wrong.

    Funny thing is that medical blood products are too now classified as "matter of conscience"..........(while still a DFing offense- actually to accept blood means you automatically DA yourself... in time they will have gone the way entirely same as bans against organ transplants (cannibalism), vaccinations (causes demon possesion) and the belief that germs DON'T cause disease.

    Google Clayton Woodworth to read what other medical quackery this man cooked up for the WTBS.

  • Hope4Others


    Organ Transplants

    In the Nov. 15 WT of 1967 organ transplants were banned for JWs, whereas they had previously allowed such as late as 1961. They used this in reinforcing their stand on blood, saying that blood is also an organ transplant (see quote below for 1977). Then in 1980 they changed their stance, allowing organ transplants as a matter of individual conscience! Strangely, no mention was made of blood no longer being an organ, so one must assume they are contradicting themselves on this point, as they still refuse blood transfusions. In 1984, they allowed for a bone-marrow transplant... the very source of blood! Still, a blood transfusion would merit disfellowshipping from the organization

    Lots of good info there.


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    I don't know any JWs in my KH or elsewhere who feels organ transplants are wrong.

    I do. To name two I will say my dad rest his soul and my father in law. The view they shared is that organ transplants are cannibalism.

  • nelly136

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