Using the phone to listen to meetings

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  • tryingtounderstandjws

    I'm not a JW. My friend is and gave me a phone number to call and she said I could listen in on the meeting to hear what she hears. She specifically said they won't ask for my name or phone number or record my information from the call. When I called I had my caller ID blocking my number. I got a recording that said my call was rejected because of the block on the phone number. The message also said to call another number and extension where I would have to talk to someone. Does anyone know anything about these call in numbers and how they work?

  • Finally-Free

    When I worked in the sound department people didn't call us - we called them if someone in the hall came to us with the request. We never hooked up someone we didn't know.


  • DoomVoyager

    I know that there was a scandal around this in my previous congregation. There were a few infirm people who usually called in, and the sound system for some reason only had a limited number of hook-ups. Now some of these infirm people had special connections to the elders, so when a "normal" person called in they were told "sorry, there are no more hook ups available". However, this was happening even when all of the hookups were empty! Brother Soundboard wanted to make sure that his buddy-bud had all the hookups he needed when he called in.

    At the time, I was disgusted. In hindsight, it's probably a good thing that those people didn't receive their dose of poison that day.

  • RR

    I don't see a problem. Bible Sudents have their meetings in a physical place, but also have conference calls, where shut in can call in and listen in and dialogue. We also have studies via the internet, throughout the week. And we're just a small group compare to the Witnesses and their millions of dollars.


  • BluesBrother

    I have heard of the telephone hook up in the U K but i am sure that it is restricted to those whom they judge as "infirm " or shut ins" They do not want the rest thinking that they can skip the meeting and phone in if they could have dragged themselves to the Hall.

    The District Conventions though are broadcast on VHF radio if you live in the vicinity, just a few miles around the stadium. We have several times driven to the locality, parked up and listened (or fell asleep in my case) in the car. You may find a spot with adjacent public toilet for the lady, and a cafe on hand. I recommend the far side of a large supermarket car park

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    The phone hook-ups for meetings are limited to members who are too sick to attend. At the congo I used to attend, you had to be chronically sick to hook up to the meetings. If you just had the flu or something, you didn't qualify.

    It does get to the point where some may not be able to listen due to not having enough lines. It was interesting to watch the elders decide who was sicker and deserving and who they thought was just too lazy to attend the meetings. It all caused some hard feelings amongst the elderly.

    It has never been open to the general public and I doubt it ever will be.

  • Layla33

    Run. It's a trap.

  • WTWizard

    Who needs a phone hookup when you can get the basics, and anything new, on this board? Often, we find new material months before the active witlesses find out.

  • newbiedoobiedoo

    We use phone tie in all the time, we are inactive. We do not give our name, tho everyone is asked at end of meet to get a 'head count' Usually the infirm will chat a minute or two, the brother in charge now is so kind and loving asking how everyone is and such. When we join in that part he gets quiet. The infirm ones chat with us, we are the only ones that visit them, and used to drive a couple to meetings. We have been called and asked to 'quit using phone tie in as personal visitation time' . Which i found odd since everyone calls in early in order to chat a bit before meetings. And of course we are regularly admonished it is not the same as 'real meeting attendance'. When my husband was in charge of sound, he figured a way to adjust connection to KH sound so one could 'answer a question or read a scripture' during WT study. It had to be arranged ahead of time with caller, at a specific paragragh and such since when caller did that he could not hear us, the sound had to be put back to normal first. It was so exciting for the callers to particiapate! They do not do that now. pity...

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