Let Us Tempt Them in the Garden.

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  • Daystar Aldebaran
    Daystar Aldebaran

    Come Little flower of Light

    Let us Tempt the Onset of Night.

    Let us Tempt this Ochre of Clay,

    Let us Tempt them this Way.

    Come Little Vine, Wound around my Tree,

    Does our Fruit Tempt her Sight?

    Does it Send her into Curiosities Flight?

    Let us Tell them how to Live Forever,

    With our Stairway to Heaven

    They will Die, Never.

    Little Flower, what do you Say?

    I never Imagined, it will be this Way.

    Why Little Children. Did you Tempt the Fall,

    Before thy Ladder can Support this All?

    I never knew my Love, how Light and Dark React,

    How this Ochre fell apart, without Knowledge Intact.

    O Fragile Rung of his Ladder Tree,

    Without the Light to Guide your Seed.

    With only your Fate in the Sun and the Rain.

    The Sweat on your Brow, and your Constant Pain

    You are not Afraid of Death, like the Metal-workers of Fate.

    You who go Back to the Dust, from which you Came.

    I Think and Create , and Make! and I Look up at the Stars.

    You Live, you Die! Then Call your God from Afar.

    Ochre of Earth, can we Help you Rebirth?

    Can you see the LIGHT like I, in Destinys Sky?

    Can we say to your Heart, we Apologize?

    Come Little Lily, Climb up my Tree,

    Open up thy Flower, to the Light of Me.

    GIve us this Birth , of thy Fruit with Seed,

    We sent them Forth, up the Ladders Tree.


  • bigmouth

    WOW! I REALLY like the red letters. How do you do that with Firefox?

  • Daystar Aldebaran
    Daystar Aldebaran

    HI Jedi Bigmouth,

    Thanks, it was already that way in my word pad file and I cut and paste.

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