Totally Blown Away

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  • TrailBlazer04

    Hi all...

    I started reading and posting here some years ago, as my stepchildren were being raised JW's by their mother, and at one time in my misguided life I had studied w/the JW's.

    Anyway, time went by and we had less and less contact with the kids...UNTIL a couple of weeks ago. My stepdaughter J swung by the house and we noticed something VERY different about her. She was lively, talkative, fun!

    Anyway, she called the other night and said something about "church" and "Easter". THEN she dropped the bombshell..."didn't I tell you? I haven't been to the Kingdom Hall in quite a while and have NO intention of ever going back". Needless to say we were completely blown away! She's a nursing student, a lifeguard, she teaches lifeguarding and swimming,'s out...YAHOO!!! We'll keep hoping for the other one!

  • berylblue

    I'm very happy for both of yoU!

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