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  • lavendar

    Does the WTS still discourage their members from starting a family.....like they did back in the 1970's?

    Our JW loved ones have no children yet, and was wondering if this could be why.



  • mouthy

    No they dont teach that now. they need new babies to put the count up

  • kifoy
    Does the WTS still discourage their members from starting a family...

    I would say yes and no. It's not discouraged with the same big words as before, but those who choose to stay unmarried or childless, are often mentioned in a really positive manner. The Watchtower April 15th (Scan provided by fokyc here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sv65vi) has an article about "Marriage an Parenthood in This Time of the End". Here's a subtitle that says "Single or Childless for a Noble Purpose".

    Paragraph 13:

    In some parts of the world, yet another change in family life has occurred - numerous couples have decided to remain childless. Some do so for economic reasons; others do it because they want to be free to pursue a lucrative career. Among Christians, there are also couples who refrain from having children. However, they often do so to be freer to serve Jehovah. This does not mean that such couples do not enjoy a normal married life. They do. Still, they are willing to place Kingdom interests above some of the privileges that go with marriage. (1 Cor. 7:3-5) Some of those couples serve Jehovah and their brother sin the circuit and district work or at Bethel. Others serve as pioneers or as missionaries. Jehovah will not forget their work and the love they show for his name. - Heb . 6:10.

    Now, really...

    In the same article I especially found this paragraph (9) amusing:

    Raising a child involves years of selfsacrifice. It is a big investment in time and energy. A Christian husband needs to understand that for several years after a baby is born, his wife is likely to be distracted during meetings and she may have fewer opportunities for personal Bible study and meditation. This could have a debilitating effect on her spiritual health. Responsible parenthood requires that the husband does all he reasonably can to help to look after the child. He could try to compensate for what his wife may miss at the meetings by later discussing some of the program points with her at home. He may also share in caring for the baby to give his wife an opportunity to have a meaningful share in Kingdom preaching.
    - Read Philippians 2:3, 4.

    I don't know about you, but until I read this, I had higher thoughts of the "brothers"...
    "He may also share in caring for the baby..."???

    On the same page there's a picture of a family father who holds his little daughter so that mom can comment at the meating. With the text: "A husband can do much to help his wife to have a meaningful share in spiritual activities."

  • yknot

    This still being hinted at from the podium. Those couple who have foregone parenthood in my KH are hailed highly.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    The witnesses teach that Armegeddon is close and for that reason, some choose not to have children. They don't outright forbid it, but those who don't are held up as examples for sacrificing more time to Jehovah. Others say they don't want to bring children into "this wicked world", as it would be unfair to the child.

  • StAnn

    It's so telling that the WT tells the husband to "help" their wives maintain their spirituality by discussing the points from the meetings with them and then, perhaps, maybe, just a little bit, helping with the baby. Make sure Mom stays indoctrinated, no matter what!

    When I had my son, I was thrilled to have to be on bedrest so I could skip meetings for six weeks. Then my baby was colicky....Then he was teething....Mom's have a built-in "out" regards meeting attendance; a great reason to have six to ten babies, IMO!

  • WTWizard

    They are expert at busting up romantic relationships early in the game, and in preventing people from even meeting the opposite sex in the first place. So, if one cannot get a relationship started, it is kind of hard to have children.

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