question for jw or ex-jw parents?

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  • atpeace

    i'm curious if while you were or still are involved in the organization - did you ever express doubts, especially to grown children? or, if you had doubts did you still encourage your family to participate? in your experience, what would be the best way to start a conversation about what you truly believe?

    i've always been interested in this question because many years ago, an elder visited us and made it clear that he had personal doubts, but then made a statement that "sometimes, you just do things for your familys sake." obviously, his comments had a huge impact on me - and i'm quite sure his wife had no idea he had any doubts at all.

    i've never understood why having an honest conversation about things is such a taboo. i would want my children to form their own beliefs on things, and even if i didn't agree, at least it would be an open relationship.

  • MissingLink

    The thing that made me face my doubts was my children becoming old enough to understand these topics. While we're fading (inactive over a year) it is awkward deciding what to tell the kids. Don't want them stirring up problems with the JW grandparents, but we don't want to lie to the kids either. Usually just try to change the subject. The kids know that we don't believe everything the JWs believe (we've done birthdays, and holidays).

  • Billzfan23

    Having an honest and frank conversation about my doubts got me pulled before a kangaroo court - right into a room full of elders and I was a fellow elder! My ex-wife took my comments and doubts straight to her older brother (who I served with on the elder body) and my ex-wife also started planning to have me removed not only as an elder, but also from the house and the kid's lives, stating that she and the kids were in "spiritual danger" because I was a raging apostate. I had the last laught - but seriously, this cult blows chunks....

  • chikikie

    This is not on the sbject but wow billy if that is a real pic of you, you are gorgeous!!!!!!! you ex wife mustve been crazy to have sucha stud muffin removed from her house even if you was a raging apostate!!!!

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    When I was still active I was honest with the kids. I told them that if they saw some inconsistencies to be sure and question them.

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