My memorial invite w/ pic

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  • 4mylove
    Inviting you guys to The Memorial of Jesus Christ Death check with the local Kingdom Hall of
    Jehovah Witnessess also check with XXXX.

    Love, XXXX

    This was the message I got from an old friend and coworker that has moved out of town. Mind you this is the only email i have ever received from her. She also attached an electronic copy of the invite.

    Just wanted to share this wonderful news! I always thought this time of year was about his resurrection not his death! Oh well, dumb catholic i am. I think my hubby is working this saturday so we just won't be able to make it....darn the luck.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Your pic does not show up - you will need to host it, then repost.


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