May I suggest this album to you?

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  • UnConfused

    POE - Haunted

    It's like The Wall, dark room, glass of wine listen from start to finish.

    If not jump to "Not a virgin anymore"

    Anyone want to share an album to experience?

  • avishai

    LOVE POE, she's awesome, I've seen her live twice.

  • UnConfused

    AV - you're not a virgin anymore dude

    [email protected]

    I want to share Tarja's solo cd

    I just received her new released - My Winter Storm [DELUXE EDITION], it's a deal price of $15

    What I love about My Winter Storm is the fact that it has these gorgeous, sweeping interludes that play perfectly into each and every song.

  • dinah

    I still like The Wall

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska" is a good one start to finish, with the lights down low, a glass of single malt, and maybe a doobie.

    Also, Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade does a live album where they cover Pink Floyd's "Animals" in it's entirety. I hate to say it, but I almost like it better than the original, and I REALLY like Pink Floyd, and Claypool, as a rule, not so much.

    "Murder Ballads" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is winner too.

    "Chocolate & Cheese" by Ween

    if you can find it, "Angels In The Flesh, Devils In The Bone" by Floater is a great "dark room" album. Floater is a local Portland/Eugene band that has built quite a cult following country-wide. Avishai will likely agree with me on this one.

    Any TOOL or A Perfect Circle album is also a sure bet.

    "Blast Tyrant" by CLUTCH.

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