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  • sinis

    ... Christians believe in Jewish books, otherwise known as the Tanakh. Why?!?!?! Especially when Jews don't believe in YOUR books? I still cannot fathom, to this day, that of all the people "God" supposedly made (and considering the Jews were not the first race), that he would be so biased to chose the Jews as "his chosen people". What about everyone else? Surely, "God" is not biased, right? He's perfect, right? Hmmm, something stinks. Christianity, in my opinion, is nothing more than an ego/ethno-centric version of Judaism.

    Same dog and pony show, just a different ring master...

  • sacrebleu

    Have you even read the Bible? Do you realize that our Savior was a Jew? That God picked a people to bring our Savior through their blood-line? Of course we believe in those books. Our Savior lived by them.

    It doesn't matter to me what Jews believe. My faith doesn't rest on that. And besides more Jews are coming to realize that Christ was the promised Messiah every day.


  • sinis

    Ah, yea. Then why don't you accept the books of Enoch, or the other Jewish holy books NOT incorporated into the Bible? You also are aware of WHO assembled the modern bible, right?

  • StAnn

    The bible was assembled by the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, of course. Of course, the protestants don't accept the deuterocanonical books, as you mentioned, but we Catholics do.

  • Kphoto

    Here's the simplistic version. The old testiment is about the, law and the coming King. All of these things are part of Christianity. The New testiment is the revelation of Christ as that King and the freeing of us from the law. Both books are necessary. Remember this is the simple version. Have fun.

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Go read the books of Enoch and tell me what you think? I was shocked that the WTBTS would even quote from the book myself! All though I did enjoy reading them, as far as I am concerned Enoch books should not be taken serious.

    At least we know where the WTBTS came up with the fallen angels marrying earthly women doctrines.

    I still wonder if they will ever find a serious Enoch book! probably not in my time.

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