I 'never' answer the door when JWs come a knockin' but . . .

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  • Gayle

    I 'never' answer the door when JWs (2 men) come to the door, well, yesterday I did,,and I couldn't help it. I dominated the conversation,,wouldn't let them talk much,,stayed on the blood issue for the most part, about 6/7 min., they excused themselves & left. They were kind of like deer facing headlights of a speeding car. I don't expect I accomplished anything but I guess it was time for me to blurt! I am not known in this area by JWs & left a couple decades ago.

  • flipper

    GAYLE - I do the same to witnesses when they come to my door. I keep them hostage at my door and have them listen to me for an hour as well. I think you did a great job- and really made them think about things . From the reaction you described you caused " cognizant dissonance " in them enough to where they might question what they've been told by witnesses. It's great you took advantage of the opportunity afforded you ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • B_Deserter

    I think that's the only arena where you can be effective talking to witnesses. They are in YOUR element, YOUR turf. They're not at a Kingdom hall where they can just find an elder or library 20 feet away to answer your challenges.

  • jamiebowers

    I wish people would talk more to the jw's about the child molestation issue, because so few of them know about it. The WTB&TS brags about the blood issue, but from what I hear, they very seldom attempt to defend their record with covering up for pedophiles. I would love to talk to them about it, but they never come to my door. I don't know why, because I live in a small town where there is a kh. I don't think they know that I'm df'd, because my last name is different now than what it was then, and I got the ax in a different state more than 20 years ago.

  • LouBelle

    Oh I'm waiting for them to come knocking - I can't wait!!!! send them send them to meeeee. mwahahahahahaha

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    great work Gayle; jw's never expect someone to call them out in the doors. and taking CHARGE OF THE CONVERSATION is the worst NIGHTMARE dubs can deal with. they hate KNOWLEDGALBE ones. you messed up their easy day in fs. BECAUSE YOU MADE THEM THINK. and shut them down. trust me they felt like DOPES after leaving your door... john

  • cognac

    lol, next time invite them in...

    That happened to me once a few months back. This guy who was flamboyantly gay invited us in and introduced us to his roomate and everything. He was really nice but since we were sitting there on his couch there was no escape for us. It was my door and the pioneer with me took over the conversation and totally got flustered with him. I just sat there and tried not to laugh...

    All those people over the years that cornered me at the door with all there thoughtful retorts, I was listenning... It just took me awhile to catch up...

  • Finally-Free

    They haven't come here since I told them I used to be a JW but quit because I didn't want to continue being a member of a cult that protects pedophiles. I'm moving at the end of the month so maybe they'll come to my new place in April when they're auxiliary pioneering™.

    I'm still trying to decide if I should give them shit whan they come or just put up a sign.


  • Deidra


    Give them shit; they treat us like shit. Turn the tables on their asses. They don't even bother to come to my door; never have. I must be on a list or something. I could of only been put there by my own parents. Losers--stealing my thunder! I gon't even get the satisfaction of slamming the door in their faces. I guess I'll move too.

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