THE reason my mother stays a JW

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  • chrisjoel

    Got a call from my mom this morning and she asked me if i had made plans to go to the memorial.....anyways she knows i dont want to be a JW and kind of understands to a point. They recently had the C.O and some friends over for dinner (as usual) and she said "I made pasta and everyone loved it"... Yes thats the reason she loves the JWs cause everyone loves her cooking! She has always recieved praise from anyone coming over for dinner about her cooking and says "if we weren't in the truth you know how bored we would be?" which i said "what ever floats your boat". I feel a lot of JWs stay because it gives them something to do that they are used to doing now and to change is just too out of the box. Too uncomfortable. She has told me many times over the yrs she doesnt agree with a lot of things but the important thing for some, apparently, is to recieve praise from others for their cooking....For others it could be their little business of preparing tax returns, ect..who knows..Meanwhile the yrs go by without being a family any more. The shunning continues.

  • flipper

    CHRISJOEL- I'm sorry you are shunned. I think you hit the truth correctly there when you say many witnesses don't like change because it gets them out of their " comfort box zone " as you stated for whatever reason they stay witnesses. Some to eat your mother's cooking, others for business or social advantages. If you talked with them, more and more of them probably don't believe it's the truth anymore anyway

  • Hope4Others

    Yeh mom!

    baking suppliesNot many moms have a lot of time to cook, due to the high demand for meetings, service and the rest of the stuff.

    Sooooo glad I'm out of the rat race....


  • SusanHere

    I think you hit it right on. My JW sister also is staying for reasons not related to doctrine. She really doesn't care about any doctrinal errors, date changes, end of the world changes, or any of that. She dismisses their faults easily because she really doesn't want to have to deal with it, though every night she hopes she'll wake up in the new system of things, just as she has since the 1960's. That is her one hope.

    She just needs to be part of a social group that accepts her and even admires her as a long time Pioneer. It's the only time in her life that she's had acceptance, so even though the price is high, she closes her eyes to everything else. It's meeting her needs for now.

    Probably a lot of the older ones are like that. It's really all they have.


  • jamiebowers

    ChrisJoel: Have you ever pointed out to your mom how many gatherings she could have as a worldly person where people could rave about her cooking?

    I really believe my mom stays in, because being a jw is the only thing that ever gave her any credibility (in her mind, anyway).

  • Maddie

    Thing is it wouldn't matter if they weren't such a destructive religion but I guess it doesn't matter to some if it isn't the "Truth". I am sorry you are being shunned, it is a cruel thing to go through.


  • Hortensia

    So well-written, so true.

  • SPAZnik


  • LouBelle

    yup - being in the troof keeps you hellishly busy:

    monday nights: Study the upcoming watchtower study article with a strong JW family

    Tuesday nights: Book study usually followed by cake and tea

    Wednesday nights: Would be used to prepare for book study and theocratic school

    Thursday nights : Meeting (usually followed by going to someones house or going out for a coffee/drink)

    Friday nights: Either a witness gathering or partying with some weaker JWs

    Saturday mornings: fieldies.

    Sunday morning: Field service followed by breakfast, followed by sunday meeting. followed by association.

    So much time kept busy doing stuff - no wonder I didn't have much thinking time.

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