Expelled, the movie

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  • startingover

    The movie isn't out yet but here is a preview:


    I've got my opinions but would like to hear some of yours before I poison the well.

  • chrisjoel

    WOW this documentary is very very perplexing for me. I believed that the vast majority of scientists Have already followed all the evidence to where it leads and it led to Not a Creator but at the random but very lucky chance that life happened here in our Galaxy..ahh..evolution. ...Hmmmmmmm Thats why the scientific community would be angry at being attacked . The movie is saying scientists need to keep an open mind because perhaps they were wrong and the Creator theory should be taught as well...... should be intresting

  • BurnTheShips

    I'd heard about it at the Dawkins site. Steam was coming out of their ears.


  • Odrade

    Bit ridiculous. Not a single fact presented, just a lot of emotionalism. "They don't like us! That means they are hiding something!"

    It reminds me quite a bit of the JWs (or other cultish belief systems-) "They persecute and ridicule us, that is proof that they know we are right and don't want to admit it." No, it's really not proof of anything other than that another community finds you worthy of ridicule. How would it be if the other side published papers which made the primary argument as proof: "I.D.ers are laughing at us for believing in pure evolution, that proves we're onto something!"

  • BurnTheShips
    Bit ridiculous. Not a single fact presented, just a lot of emotionalism. "They don't like us! That means they are hiding something!"

    Well, it is just a trailer after all. And I expect the movie will be at a level the average joe can grasp. And I don't know what data the affronted scientists were publishing. But anything countercultural gets deprecated, it is human nature, and scientists are only human after all. But still, I get a bad feeling about this movie.....

  • DJK

    This is the thread I started about my father e-mailing me about this movie.


    The comment I liked the most was, "Its hard to take a gameshow host seriously".

  • DT

    I think it is funny how they portrayed evolutionists as believing life came from mud animated by lightning. That's a pretty poor description in my opinion. However, it still seems more logical than the Bible description of men being made of dust animated by god. At least we have evidence that lightning exists. We also know that lifeforms are mostly made of water, which is lacking in dust. Given the evidence, I would have to favor the mud and lightning hypothesis.

  • Forscher

    Ben Stein's point is that the scientists are closing their minds to the evidence and demanding that everybody else do the same.

    And its true. Instead of honestly discussion the scientific leaders are doing everything they can to silence different views. That is a fact. It still amuses me that almost two hundred years after proving that life cannot spontaneously arise, they are now insisting that it did. I even saw Stephen Hawkins declare "that life spontaneously arose" on a TV special. His reasoning? "We are here, therefore life had to have spontaneously arose." In other words, our very presence is proof that the impossible happened. Talk about a closed mind!


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