i wrote a letter to the jw wife of the man that abused my child,

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  • looloo

    she is standing by him! she does not believe he did abuse my child , even though he is serving a prison term for abusing other children(my childs allegations were to difficult to proove , so the cps dropped the charges despite believing her allegations ) i do not understand why she would believe him , when the reason she is with him is because as a child she played with his daughters and eventually he made a move on her . before her he had abused other friends of his daughters (the elders never reported it to the police )his 1 st wife divorced him , then he married her and she became my friend , which is how he got to know my child . i was very nice in my letter (under the circumstances )i asked her if she ever finds out the truth let my child know that she no longer thinks she is a wicked liar .and i told her a few facts that should have left her with no doubts about whether it happened . i have had no reply at all , if she went to the elders and asked them what to do about my letter ,which would have affected the most hard hearted person, would they tell her to ignore it ? im so pissed of , cant she imagine what it is like to have your close friends husband horribly abuse your child ,mentally and sexually , then to not be believed by your friend , get no justice , get called apostate liars by perps family and then be ignored when you ask for some kind of closure , she is a kind hearted , naive person , could it be her controlling manipulative husband (or his lawyer~) influencing her or the elders ?i would appreciate any ideas .

  • Layla33

    She is an enabler and if you look at the wives of violent offenders and child abusers, you might be surprised at how many try to ignore and justify their mates behavior until one day they wake up. It's kind of sad, but beyond giving her the information, that's all you can expect. She's working out her own path, and her realizations may come at another time.

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