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  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Hello people,

    I am looking for some new material for a new series of email campaigns.

    I would like to begin sending a series of short easy to read email postcards to the worldwide database of JW email addresses.

    Therefore I am looking for material for these e postcards.

    The criteria is fairly simple

    1. must be factual
    2. cannot contain any other religious messaging
    3. must be designed to reach honest hearted ones
    4. must have the objective of making people rethink the rightness of the JW religion
    5. has to be catchy and easy to read
    6. cannot be condescending or insulting in any way

    Be creative! We need to try some new approaches to free minds from the tyrannical grip of the Watchtower.

    V and the Watchtower Comments team is doing a great job getting those weekly messages out in to the public eye and hopefully in front of as many active JWs and/or their family members as possible.

    This is just another initiative to educate the JW population about the real truth about the religion. It's simply not the true religion - and being a part of it is unhealthy, on so many levels.

    For those of you interested in helping out or submitting your ideas - feel free to post them here in the public forum or to private message me. Your choice. It's nice to have a choice isn't it?

    The Oracle

    PS: I won't be able to check in again until much later tonight. Please surprise me

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    some topic ideas

    1. Blood
    2. Child Molesting
    3. Failed Predictions
    4. Lying
    5. Disfellowshipping
    6. Teaching flip flops
    7. Judge Rutherford
    8. Pastor Russel
    9. Cover-ups
    10. Governing Body
    11. Faithful & Discreet Slave
    12. Noah's Ark
    13. Egyptian God Horus
    14. Masonic symbols
    15. Judgemental Culture and psychological damage
  • Fatfreek

    Excellent idea and it looks like you've got some good basic themes chosen. Can you give us some enlightenment as to why you've chosen e-postcards over the traditional hard copy version?

    I realize ecards would be cheap -- like free. That's good.

    Hard copy cards have a few advantages as well.

    1. psychological, for one. When a person receives this card sh/e realizes other eyes -- the letter carrier, those in the post office -- may have taken a peek. sh/e may want to give it a quick glance before trashing it just in case sh/e's asked about it by that nosy neighbor who's friendly with the letter carrier.
    2. anonymity, for another. "Oh, no, here's something from that apostate sister-in-law. It goes straight to the trash."
    3. It's easy to solicit help from out of state folks (they're here on JWD) who'd be more than willing to drop a card or 30 in the nearest mailbox. Send them your batch of addressed and stamped ($0.26 here in U.S. for 4 1/4 x 6 max size; $0.41 for larger sizes) Remember, however, you must have a return address (that's the law)or the post office will probably trash it. So put some return address on each one.

    After the first email, it's easy for the recipient to place the sender's email address on his Internet Provider's "black list". That recipient will no longer even see future emails from you, much less, decide whether they want to check out your good information.

    My two cents.


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