a jehovah's witness told me that ....

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  • grewupJWnoselfesteem78-95

    whiilst at the door a jehovah's witness told me that thousands were getting baptized in japan.... also that they were building many KM halls to keep up with growth........

    i asked about japan because i was led to belive that the negative growth was unbeliveable..................

    which is true .................?

    also did they leave something out of the year book this year ?

  • Inquisitor

    That's odd.... A Japanese CO told me and my family that the youths in Japan don't love the truth as much as they used to (hint hint to the JW youth at the dinner table who's attending uni and being exposed to the spirit of the world). That the work is slowing down in some respects... So which IS true?!


  • MeneMene

    2007 Avg Pubs - 217,929 % Inc Over 2006 - 0% # Congs - 3,177 # Baptised - 4,308

    2006 Avg Pubs - 217,181 % Inc Over 2005 - 0% # Congs - 3,171 # Baptised - 3,781

    2005 Avg Pubs - 217,227 % Inc Over 2004 - 0% # Congs - 3,164 # Baptised - 3,785

    2004 Avg Pubs - 217,097 (don't have that report handy)

    Looks like they are baptizing them but what's happening to them ????

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    There must be an equivalent number leaving/dying each year to those being baptised.

    Either that or someone is seriously fiddling with the numbers!

  • WTWizard

    Seems they are dropping out as fast as they are getting baptized. Hopefully, soon there will be fewer baptisms and more dropouts that are going to college.

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