An Actual, USEFUL Jack Chick Comic

by B_Deserter 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • B_Deserter
  • DoomVoyager

    Rather poorly put together; instead of wasting time trying to evangelize the dubs into "accepting christ", they should have looked at an exegetical analysis of Acts to prove that Paul was only referring to christians who lived among jews, and that gentile christians were permitted to eat blood (let alone take a transfusion to save their life.)

    Then again Jack Chick tracts have always been less than worthless. Check out the one on "rock music".

  • B_Deserter

    When I said useful, I was referring to the parts where it cites the article where the Watchtower calls itself a prophet, as well as the articles and books predicting the various dates of armageddon.

  • watson

    I caught your point BD.

  • BabaYaga

    Oh man oh man, I LOVE Chick Comix! I collect them. They are so completely HORRID they are great... (I know some folks here will understand.)

    Dang... never saw the JW one though... I MUST have that one for my collection!!!

  • kurtbethel

    Chick Comics are a campy genre that are worth collecting if you like fringe material. My suspicion is that the artist escaped from Mad Magazine and got a religious gig. Reading some of the more paranoid hateful tracts is a lot like reading the Turner Diaries.

    Then there are the parodies, of course.....

  • Hortensia

    that was just as dorky and unrealistic as some dumb JW skit at an assembly. If the a Jw kid had as little as 1/2 to live without a blood transfusion, starting a discussion of W doctrine from somewhere in the next county and gradually leading up to the point, that the WT is wrong, is not what would really happen. What would really happen is that the terribly frightened parents would dig in their heels and forbid the transfusion and the child would die unless someone woke up a judge and got a court order.

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