Just received the latest Free Minds Journal...thinking of sending pg.11 out

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  • whyizit

    I've had a few light and heavy conversations (always peaceful, always "asking" rather than telling), with my JW friend. I just received the latest Free Minds Journal and wondered about sending "anonymously" page 11 to her. It gives all the flip-flops of what a generation is, according to the WTS.

    We have touched on a variety of subjects that she just knew the WT could explain, but alas they could not! She is still attending, however, she has become a little more wishy-washy. Birthdays were "absolutely out", but now they are back in. Things like that.

    I figure every little piece of information is another piece of the puzzle that might keep her mental wheels turning. I thought about simply photo copying page 11, without any comments, and figure she will read it, because it is all WT propaganda.

    What do you think? Bad idea...if so, why? Good idea? Could be one way or the other? Worth a try? Would just like some in-put.

    Also, any suggestions of WT materials that made you have second thoughts the moment you saw them would be appreciated it!


  • Bonnie_Clyde
    Birthdays were "absolutely out", but now they are back in.

    Are you sure they're back in? I know the January Awake mentioned ancient customs that are no longer significant, but I doubt if anyone will apply that to birthdays.

  • DoomVoyager

    Hey - birthdays are still out. Don't know where you got your information from.

  • mouthy

    Funny I too was just reading a VERY OLD Randy Watters "Letters to the Editor" 1989-1995..
    Mainly because my story is in it.... But because it was quite a while ago I read all the book today.. & came across the letter by James V.Allridge. who was executed in Huntsville Texas...raised a JW
    I have to say I feel that the WT is partly responsible for this boys down fall.

    I wrote to him & we had a really lovely interchange of letters before his death. He was a marvalous Artist. He used to make birthday, get well cards etc: while on death row.

    So if any one has Randy's " "Letters to the Editor" 1989-1995.... Read James story on page 52....
    Sorry to steal the thread.....But you know old people they always have to "but in"

  • mouthy

    Also I forgot to give my two cents about send it or not the generation page you asked about!!! Send it annon..... Then she might read it out of curiosity

  • reneeisorym

    I would find a town where she has friends/relatives and mail it from that town -- even if it is just the next one over. Just to ease the suspicion from you.

  • Hope4Others

    Yes, I agree with reneeisorym mail it from somewhere else!

    Free Minds Journal pg 11.

    How do I get this from freeminds site to read?


  • Hope4Others

    Oh duh, never mind! I got it...............


  • whyizit

    Just a quick note:

    I know that the WTS still doesn't allow birthdays. But my friend, who previously agreed with them, has now started celebrating them anyway. That is what I meant. That SHE is wishy-washy on some of their teachings now, where as before, she was a staunch follower of all that the WT gods had to say.

    Now she shows signs that she isn't buying it all, yet she never says anything negative and still goes to all their shin-digs.

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