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  • 4mylove

    So we're making the drive to see my inlaws this weekend. We called to invite the brother that hasn't seen them in more than 8 month, he said he's "sick". Granted we're going to go help out with a new business, but....well just dreading it.

    So i was wondering, if the subject comes up, about my hubby returning and him brining me in, I think I'll have to ask my mother in law...."show me". What will she pull out of the bag? If i ask her to show me IN THE BIBLE where it says that they are the only chosen one now, what will she bring to my attention.

    Wanting to know so I can prepare a half ass response.

    Thanks guys, you alwas help me out with these oh so fun gatherings....


  • penny2

    She may show you Matt 24:14 - "this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations and then the end will come." JWs are the only ones preaching in all nations showing they are the true religion. They are the only ones who use god's name Jehovah. Another proof they are the true religion. Back to the scripture - "then the end will come". She might say, "The world is in such a bad state, the end could happen anytime. We love you both so much. We can't bear the thought of living forever without you."

    I think it's far better to make it clear at every opportunity, that you will never be a witness. They'll get used to it.

    Good luck with your trip.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Bring a barf bag and be prepared for the worst

  • sspo

    She might talk about the use of Gods name, the JW being the only ones that use it.

    Remind her that not even Jesus used his name,not even when he was dying on the "stake", called on his father but did not use his name "Jehovah".

    None of the apostles used it in the 1st century in any of the books written. How come?

    The watchtower inserted it more than 250 times but was not found in any manuscript in the first century

  • oompa
    sspo: The watchtower inserted it more than 250 times but was not found in any manuscript in the first century

    Regarding the use of Jehovah in the Christian Greek Scriptures, JW's indicate they have "restored" it, but only 237 times...so please clarify about your 250+ uses.

    4mylove, go where you are going but no "show me" with an attitude.....You can make her shaky with anticipation if you indicate you have have had a serious interest in coming to know Jehovah and his org. better, and could she please help you understand:

    1. Why do we teach everyone Gods name is Jehovah when we are nearly certain it is not. The 1950 NWT forward, and other places indicate it was m;uch more likely Yahweh, or some variation based on YHWH, not JHVH. (we choose to stick to traditions of men on this one(

    2. You have printed out every use of the name Jehovah in Revelation (show her), and can find not a single instance where the name has been a "restored" quote from the Hebrew Scriptures. Yet Appendix 1-D in the Reference NWT clearly states it has been restored when quoting from the Hebrew Scriptures.

    3. Now grab yourself a GU brochure and have some real fun. This brochure designed to convert Muslims so clearly states the accuracy, divine protection of the accuracy of Gods Word the Bible....If so, then how couls Satan and "so-called Christians" (his apostates) have CHANGED the Bible, removing his name complety from the Christian Greek Scriptures in every ancient copy on the planet? That is the official teaching in Apendix 1-D and also, in the Insight Book under "Jehovah...Use in the Christian Greek Scriptures"

    4. And finally, and start here if you really want to see the deer in headlights even though this is current Climax Bookstudy material.....Tell her you know Bible prophecy proves that Jesus came in 1914 instead of 1874 as we taught for over 50 years, but you have not been able to find where in the Bible it teaches he would come back in 1918 and do some worldwide "inspection" of religions in order to pick the most perfect as his own. And since you wanted to know what we were teaching during this flyover inspection, you are digging into our freakydeaky pyramid doctrines of that era.

    Or you can pm me her name, phone number, address, or e-mail....I am ready for a fight............................oompa

  • dust
    She might talk about the use of Gods name, the JW being the only ones that use it.

    There are many religious groups who use God's name. Even in church I have heard the vicar talk about "God", "our Father", "the Lord" or "Yahweh", depending on the situation and context.

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