Identity Theft

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  • freydi

    Watching Dr Phil today with a victim and rep from the FTC, who's only offer of help is to check your credit rating every few months. Of course he didn't offer any help for people who have been victimized for years, like children. Why do we live in society when victims have no recourse except to go the legal profession who made the laws that protect the criminals to begin with?

  • VoidEater

    Freydi: I get it...though I think many laws are honest attempts to protect the innocent. We live in quite a social experiment...

  • kurtbethel

    The conditions that enable identity theft were created by the government during the era of the "Contract on America."

    The congress at the time made a new hires database, allegedly to go after parents behind on child support. They also mandated that states collect social security numbers and tie it in to drivers licenses. The president signed off on this madness.

    The predictable result was that complete identity records were tied together with financial data and gave thieves a one stop location to steal identities.

    Did government officials correct this disaster they have created? Not at all. They have been too busy investigating steroid use in baseball players, and panty sniffing ventures in brothels. Then to show their contempt for Americans they created the RealID act which will lead to even greater abuses in identity data misuse.

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