cOULD kh s be more envirementally friendly?

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    **They have some of the crappiest climate controls on the planet. I have seen Kingdumb Hells that would range from 55 all the way up to 90, wasting energy in the process. The air conditioner exterior coils were usually dirty. The heat is often on the fritz, or the thermostat causes it to get so hot that the air conditioner comes on, wasting even more energy by creating a problem that did not exist.

    **By having windows (and using them), they could sometimes avoid turning on some of the lights. Natural light can supplement light on that side, and they could just run the banks of lights away from the windows while it is daylight.

    **Replacing the mercury vapor lights in the parking lots with sodium lights. They will still give good enough light for security and safety purposes, but much more efficiently. When LEDs become feasible, those should be used for that purpose.

    **The exit lights should all be LEDs.

    **They could use compact fluorescent lights in the lobby instead of those energy waster bulbs.

    **I have yet to see a recycling bin at a Kingdumb Hell.

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    edmond dantes

    Badboy Hi,

    Love your questions. Answer to the latest ----- If they were all demolished and turned into oil refinerys.

    Or were taken over by Greenpeace or not until the new world or turned over to bonsai growing but it would have to be a small branch.

    Or made into the habitation of bats.What's that you say it's full of bats allready.

    A grape vine growing through the roof then you could sit on the roof and hear the meeting through it.

    WIND FARM ! every one knows it's windy. Bean stalks growing; then they could really find out if fairy tales are real.

    Wind Farm!, each could turn to his neighbour and say if you don't know the words to the kingdom melody be like the wind turbine and hum.

    This KH doesn't half hum . I 've gone green.

  • logic

    Our kingdom hall has a horrible a/c system . It did not have a way to filter out carbon dioxide. The more people the worse it got. It makes people extremely sleepy and ill. I told them about it all the time but nothing ever got fixed. My cure was to go outside many times just to wake up. All new construction has no air circulation . Buildings are too air tight. The jws are constantly complaining about their health. I have seen them comming out of the hall looking like death warmed over a sure sign of carbon dioxide poisoning. Maybe the halls are disigned that way. Makes it easier to hypnotise you.

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