Any Russell/Rutherford wannabes out there???

by lrkr 7 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • lrkr

    OK- nows the time for any of you really ambitious, organized, self motivated people out there to get moving. Write a book or two about the coming great change in 2012. Link it to obscure bible prophecies. Wait for something to happen (doesn't really matter what- war, terror attack somewhere, death of the pope, worse flu season than most).

    Then claim divine providence. And start a worldwide religious movement based on your books and teachings.

    Its that time again. Turn of the century + 10-15 years. Everyone's pushing the end times prophecy in one form or another. Jump on the band wagon. This could be your ticket.

    1800 had its set of dooms day nuts. 1900 had its set (including our favorites) and 2000 will have its set.

  • MOG

    look for JCanon - our very own cross dressing Messiah

  • Philippus79

    Have a look here:

    "This system ends Nisan14 2008"


  • MOG

    interesting ..ive never heard of LW..seems almost like they came from originaly the JW background..

  • lrkr

    Well, in a couple of weeks we'll know if they have the truth, won't we. Be on the lookout for snakes with bruised heads. (If the weather warms up, my cats will bruise a few snake heads.)

  • BurnTheShips

    Check JWDs very own JCanon. He even has a picture of a celestial sign "proving" he is the messiah.

    And then there is Greg Stafford and his separatist-and I use the word loosely-"movement".


  • Cheetos

    Ruthorford was a Chump, before he came the Bible Students were doing well, he is the one who made the sect known as Jehovahs Witness's.

  • MOG

    I do like Rutherfords taste in cars and that magnificient house he built called Beth-Sarim - for the coming of the prophets of old in doomsday 1925...heck - it wasnt inspired prophecy (only prophets 'in a sense') - but he believe it in so much to build the house and add some of those old prophets from the past on the deed..i crackup on that one...

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