Has anyone heard about the content of the Elders meeting in Patterson?

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  • Hiddenwindow
  • uwishufish

    Yes it will be geared for the avg elder

    avg age 35

    80% high school educated

    7th grade reading level

    those without a fulltime job

    those that can afford to take a bus to get there

  • dazednotconfused

    they will be told "THE END IS IMMINENT" gather thine flock of faithful ones, and make sure you have your survival kits ready.

  • NewYork44M

    I have been to a few of these. The theme will be organization. How to orginize the accounts. How to organize the field service reports. How to organize the cleaning schedule.

    There may be a very few notworthy points. But for the most part the sessions are operational in nature. Very very very boring. In addition you are crowded in a hall with a bunch of fat old men. Not my form of entertainment.

  • RR

    I understand that these meetings are a new training exercise for elders, to help them accept what is being taught to the rank and file despite what the Scriptures clearly teach to the contrary. I happen to get a surveillance of one of these traininbg exercises:

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Initially, I was very hurt and disillusioned when the elders rejected me despite the congregation and CO wanting me to become an elder.

    In retrospect, it only helped me, because if I spent the money to go to Oz, and all I had to show for it was the agenda for this meeting, I would have been homicidal.

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