A low-grade lightbulb moment

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  • inkling

    "Apostasy" is drawing a distinction between The words of the Bible and the
    words of the Watchtower.

    By even implying that there is a DIFFERENCE between Bible teachings and ideas
    and Watchtower teachings and ideas (no matter how obvious these might
    seem to an outsider) you are placing the Witnesses on a level playing field
    with all the other religions.

    This is very dangerous.

    I have come to think that the safest way to honestly criticize the teachings
    of the Watchtower to the face of a believing witness is to talk with wordings that
    suggest it is OBVIOUS that what the Bible say and what the Watchtower says
    are one and the same.

    That way you can say things like "my doubts spring from the fact that the
    main theme of the Bible is the sanctification of God's reputation as a God
    of love by the restoration of the earth to a paradise with no animals killing
    each other JUST LIKE IT WAS before the sin of Adam and eve. To me, I
    see this world view colliding with reality, and therefore cannot believe it."

    See, my theory is that by fusing the idiosyncratic beliefs of the Witnesses
    with the words on the page of Genesis, you are insulating yourself from a
    charge of apostasy.

    Doubting the Bible and the Supernatural in general is a much easier sin to
    get away with than implying that some other religious world view may be the
    true one.

    Granted, this strategy is of no help to a person who is advocating the adoption
    of a different or more liberal brand of Christian theology, and if that is
    indeed the argument you would like to have with the elders be my guest, but
    please keep in mind that honestly suggesting ANY different interpretation of
    ANY Bible verse (wether more liberal or conservative) as more correct, that
    IS apostasy from the faith.

    I think this is clearly shown by a brief snippet of a conversation I had with
    my mom...

    I was going over some criticism of the Old Testament, and she interrupted me
    by demanding"

    "Is this from apostate literature? Because I would not feel comfortable
    listening to anything that comes from an apostate source"

    "No Mom, this is from atheist literature."

    "Ah, ok."

    She was seriously RELIEVED to hear that my arguments were inspired by ATHEISTS
    as opposed to apostates.

    I rest my case.

    If you have anything in the faith worth salvage efforts, I hope these
    thoughts might be helpful in your attempts at diplomacy.

    Good luck playing by their fraked up rules.


  • lookingnow25

    This has without a doubt been my personal experience. I was before a JC a few years back (not for apostasy by the way) and in the process of talking everything out I told the elders that I believed God was an assh**e. (Not exactly how I feel now, btw.)

    They hardly batted an eye. No one accused me of apostasy, no one called me names or anything. I don't imagine I could have said the same about the GB, WTS, or even an elder and have gotten away with it the same.

    This was definately a light bulb moment for me. That group of elders had NO loyalty to God at all.


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