Wish to contact Leolaia

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  • EverAStudent

    Hi. I am sorry to bother everyone, but I am trying to contact Leolaia. Using the Forum messages did not seem to work.

    If anyone knows Leolaia personally, please pass along this contact request: I can be reached at [email protected] There is a matter I would like to discuss privately.

    Thank you all !

    A Student

  • cognac


    Anyone know who this is?

  • sweetface2233

    If he tried to contact her through PM, and she didn't respond, then maybe there is a reason.

  • AudeSapere
    cognac wrote: Anyone know who this is?

    A prolific poster here. Very detailed researcher of all sorts of info.

    Some people who use a Mac cannot respond to pm's. But if anyone could work around that limitation, my money would be on Leolaia.

    Contact could already have been made. Or perhaps the poster has not been online today. Or maybe it's something else.


  • Leolaia

    Hi, I got your PM, will be messaging you shortly! :)

  • kifoy
    Some people who use a Mac cannot respond to pm's.

    Just had to comment on that one. You can respond to PMs from a Mac, but you need to use Firefox.
    You can post with Safari, but not send PMs (don't know why it's like that).

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