Why doesn't it occur...

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  • crazycate

    Why doesn't it occur to my friends and family that...

    For one hundred years (give or take) we could prove via scriptures and Greek translation that the generation Jesus referred to meant that no one born in 1914 would die before the end came.

    Then that changed (in 1995), but we were able to prove the new "understanding" via scriptures and Greek translation.

    Now the "understanding" is changing again. But I'm sure we can still prove it via scripture and Greek translation.

    What will we be able to prove next?


  • monophonic

    i was talking to my wife about this and i asked, what do we define as a generation?

    she said the 70-80 years and i said, no, think about it.

    we have the WWII generation, the baby boomers, generation x, what is it now, generation y.

    when i say, i hate this generation, i'm not talking about 70 years until now, i'm talking about the last 10-15 years of media saturation and paris hiltons and boy bands who can't play instruments.

    so, a generation can be defined as 10-20 years by our current usage of the term.

    but yes, they'll come up with something and most will follow and some will realize they're in a load of poopoo.

  • alanv

    If only witnesses would sit back and ask themselves how they would define a generation today ( forgetting any preconceived ideas that the society might have given them) they would realize that it is normally the time between say a married couple of 30 years old having children and those children growing up to reach the same age. The oxford dictionary puts it very well by saying 'it is the average time in which children are ready to take the place of their parents (about 30 years)'

    This is just another example of the governing body trying to make everything as complicated as possible to make it appear that they know so much more than the average person.

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