JW Songs - Why haven't they used this guy?

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  • Listener

    I've posted a few links in the past to Youtube JW music video's but I came across this guy and I am impressed.

    His name is Brendan Vincent Owens and he has his own website selling his songs. It is not immediately apparent that he is a JW. It is only because I found one of his latest songs on Youtube that led me to his website. It is a song sung by a four year old girl and for the most part is sweet, except for the fact that it is full of praises for JW org.


    Here's another sample of different songs he has made


    I have to admit they are really good and very professional, nothing like the recent songs the organization has put up on JW org. It's hard to fathom why the org wouldn't try to seek out his services, maybe he charges too much. From what I can figure out he has been doing this for many years as someone left a comment stating that they had grown up listening to his songs

    The other reason why I'm pretty sure he is a JW - most of his songs have the comments disabled.

    The thing is, they obviously have the talent available within their rank & file but can't get their act together to make the most of it and improve their presentation.

  • gda
    I remember years ago the assemblies would have an orchestra made up of local jw musicians. They were all well educated in music and certainly were very good. There's allot of local talent that sadly isn't used since recordings made it much easier to just plunk in a tape from the org.
  • Listener

    It was disappointing when they stopped that arrangement. We had a piano in our hall and it was always an elderly person that would play. I guess they were starting to find that the experienced players were getting to old and there was no one to replace them.

    It makes sense that as they are desperately seeking suitable men to take on the role of public speakers they will be left to substitute many talks with taped recordings. The taped music had more instruments playing and were probably considered superior, so too, the taped talks may be made with men who are better speakers but it lacks the most important qualities, one of which is that personal and human touch.

  • millie210

    I think they were concerned (read jealous) that local musicians were getting more credit than they were for the music.

    So they swooped in per usual and got their lackeys together and did the best production they could manage and inferred that it was straight from Jah by means of them! And they packaged it in a purple cover just to show how "NOT Christendom like" they are!

    And it worked!

    But not anymore...... for people with internet.


    No song about Lot and his daughters?!?!? I'm shocked!!

    I'm sure that the ORG will be using the Internet for more and more talks. They will beam them right to the KH. It's the only way to ensure the content is controlled. The lawyers may want to approve the GB speeches.


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