JW.org is sponsoring now??????

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  • wannaexit

    Please pay close attention at the beginning 0.36-0.47 when sponsors are seen.


  • JWdaughter
    So, we are to assume that this is a show whos content is approved of by the WTS. A gameshow? I don't speak Japanese. . . Are they sponsoring anything in the states?
  • SAHS
    Well, the WTS does have one heck of a lot of money which they could spend on ads to sponser things, but I don’t think they would be humble enough to submit to “worldly” enterprises in that way. No, they would much rather work their slave labor to death to serve their advertising needs, like they’ve been doing all along. I’ll bet that blue JW logo you see placed in that asian video clip was put there as a freebie by an actual loyal and zealous JW. The WTS won’t even allow the stadium concession stands to be open during district/regional conventions because they don’t want to have a “worldly atmosphere,” for God’s sake!
  • joe134cd
    The issue with this is not so much the sponsorship but rather who gave the ok for this. I have to say unless I see some sort of paper trail leading to Brooklyn then I can only speculate.
  • Magnum
    What??? I'd love to know more about this. I agree with joe134cd; I'd like to know who gave the OK. If the org did, then it just seems to be another step in its transformation to a more mainstream, more commercial entity. Everyday I think about the fact that what used to be dear to me - what I would have defended to my death - has become what it is now.
  • OrphanCrow
  • Magnum
    OrphanCrow, thanks. I rememer seeing the title of that thread, but didn't open it up. That helped.
  • freemindfade
    Maybe they just put that in there without permission because it appears to them to be a popular site in their country and they want to appear themselves to be sponsored by a heavy hitter lol. I call shenanigans most likely
  • Magnum
    "rememer" = "remember". Damn. Caught it too late to edit.
  • Bonsai

    That isn't Japanese. Pretty sure that's Thai.

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