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  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I always think its interesting to examine the history of religious beliefs and certainly the JWS takes the most of my interest since its rooted in my own immediate family. To date there are 7 million or so JWS worldwide and could be considered a success from the stand point that it all originated and evolved from one man's obsession. The man that I'm speaking of course is none other than Charles Taze Russell an inspiring individual who was aggressively motivated to cut him out a piece of the religious pie. The direct result from his self motivation is now a internationally recognized religious organization. Goes to show what a little self motivation and drive can produce. Of course he had strong support from individuals such as Judge Rutherford, one of the many presidents and the many ensuing GB members that followed. But I really would like to focus on C.T. Russell as we could correctly perceive him as the founding father of the organization at its roots source. Charles as we know was a religious minded individual as he eventually took on the Pastor status in his preaching work. Coming from the then Adventist movement of the late 19th century its apparent that he was grabbing some of his own perceived ideologies from others. One such individual was a man by the name H. barbour who too was proclaiming the second coming and a new world order. And not surprising enough he was also was printing out his own magazines. For Charles to start his own published magazine he gathered some help from his father Joseph and a banker Mr. Connelly who eventually became the President of the company and Tower Publishing was formulated . Charles and his father were professional salesmen / businessmen they owned a few clothing stores so they had access to money and were probably associated with other businessmen as well. To get the ball rolling he rented meeting halls and gave talks which were manliy focused on the appending new order and Christ's reappearance and no doubt some of his freshly printed out magazines for sale at the back of the hall , sounds familiar. Eventually more and more people became interested and as the numbers grew a society or association was formed which was called the International Bible Students Association. I just want to point out that the clergy of that time were highly respected individuals and held a great degree of prominence in society, much more in comparison than today. Eventually Charles took over the Presidency of the company and probably bought out Connelly's controlling share as a guess the details of the change over are vague and I think at the same time the name was changed to The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. In an attempt to create more sales and expand his little following door to door salesmen or colporteurs as they were called were procured. These weren't no Saturday morning people but full time working people that were trying to make a living as probably by then Russell could see the potentional in doing so. One of the more innate stupid things that he instigated was to correlate the Great Pyramid of Egypt and its measurements to the prophecy's of the bible. Well this must of wowed the people at the time and brought even more attention to himself and his teaching. You have to take into account the education level at the time which was notably poor, the majority of the population had just basic reading and writing skills and a trust worthy clergyman was telling them all these astounding bits of information. Well the magazine company was doing well and sales continued to rise there is even reports of Russell having a weekly commentary placed in the local newspapers across a wide area of where he was living . Unfortunately most of his stated prophecies didn't appear such as in 1914 and the things that were to happen, sure the first world war started in 1914 but that wasn't exactly what he was proclaiming to happen. Nevertheless he kept on proselytizing in pretty much the same way with even more booklets included with the literature right up to his death in 1916. And there was the da Judge notably Judge Rutherford as he insisted in being called . He must have had a bit of an ego problem because it is documented that he only sat as a temperary for a just few days, I suppose using the title Judge was going to offer him more power and prominence for himself and did intentionally gave him a boost in the social standings. There are a whole slew of other cornball antics this charactor pulled but thats where I'll leave it for now. My intension of writing this is purely to point out the man behind all this mess , a man obsessed with power and a person that was quite capable of marketing his ideas and

    his personal agenda, was he an original thinker I hardly think so, more of a man who plagiarized other peoples ideas and found a way to market them.

    Then I would recommend anyone to follow his footstep and be obsessed also as it will turn out well for your good I hope.If you think you otherwise go and see one investment fund or bank or see Wallstreet to see how man can be obsessed with money . Then you will understand that it is much better to fill your mind with the words of the Bible than with the constant thinking about money.

    A few days ago I heard on the radio station WTOP ( Washington,D.C. area ) a man working for the station and who interviewed some fianancial specialist calling people on Wallstreet crazy men and woman.

    This was said by somebody who I doubt has the true religion !

    You should be glad if you they call you an obsessed man with religion. You can be but never be obsessed with money ,sports events , w world music and movie entertainers. You hear about TV show " American Idol " ? The name alone is speaking for itself ! And millions are watching it in the USA.

    So, Taze Russell was an amazing man with the good obsession that brought him a great honor as it was he who revived the True Christianity and I proved that in my posts.I encourage everyone of you to find my posts and read them to have a better view of who are Jehovah's Witnesses according to God's end-time plan.

    If you move them out of the scene you have to put another religion in place. Remember the words of Matthew 24.45-46 must be fulfilled before the end of the world comes.

    There is a servant there who has a flock to feed and who is that servant ? Luke 9.49-50 has a clue for that. It allows for the existence of two categories of the faithful servants who all belong to the class of 144000 menservants :

    one small united group of servants ( they are a part of Christ's bride ) and they should have an organization for orderly feeding their servants and one servant who is as an outsider and yet is not against that small group of servants. That single independent servant is feeding other indpendents who agree with him and are without being a part of any earthly religious organization.
    This is God's plan based on the Bible.

    In actulity I don't care too much was Taze Russell a banker or salesman .What I care and you should is to check what he was teaching at that time and was his teaching the best as compared to other teachings by other religious groups.

    The end-time line must be filled up with right people who claim to be the servants of God Yahweh and Jesus Christ.

    1878 AD - 1879 AD - 1883 AD - 1884 AD - 1914 AD - 1918 AD - 1921 AD - 1950 AD - 1984 AD - 1988 AD - 1991 AD - 2011 AD - 2012 AD one small religious group ....................................................... + One independent servant ....................................

    Since the two types occur at the same time in Luke 9.49-50 we must find the legitimate successors to the International Bible Students who had some people in their ranks belonging to the class of 144000 menservants.And Jehovah's Witnesses can claim they have some of 144000 in their ranks as well .

    Note the timeline is related to the timeline when Jesus Christ and first Christians lived and preached. They preached a new distinctive religion so those related to the end-time line also preach a new distinctive religion that most people oppose.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Obviously OBVES you haven't noticed the human social tragedies that occurred due to these self appointed false prophets

    A man that bullshits his way into power and money is not a good man but you should know that right OBVES

    We bible believers know what to do about you false prophets such as your self and we don't take those words in the bible lightly

    Its some what disturbing to see a person exploit the ignorance of others for power and profit through lies and manipulation isn't it !

    Maybe its true then you don't have a human heart or a sound mind at all

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