Daycare went from bad to worse..teachers working for "free". Amusing to me.

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  • FreedomFrog

    Remember me being excited about my new daycare job working with children? Remember when I had to report them for hitting the 3 year old in the mouth for not covering his mouth about 3 weeks after I started?

    I hadn't said much more about this job because I was trying to make it work. At any rate, it came to an end this past weekend.

    For starters, I was only making minimum wage which was ok because I had to start out somewhere. They came up to all of us teachers about 2 weeks ago stating they couldn't afford paying us and if we would work for them and they pay us back at the end of Feb. with a 25% bonus. Of course we didn't like it but all of us said ok since the 25% sounded so good. A week later, they tell us in the meeting that we may have to wait till middle of teacher down since she wouldn't go for it...only 2 more left...

    This Saturday, I got a letter from the government stating my childcare benefits are canceled because one piece of important paper wasn't turned in. The paper was in my boss's hand the end of December and she was suppose to fax it to them. She had lied and said she had faxed it. I called the Family and Job Services trying to get them to reinstate it since I need the assistance so I can work. She said they can't since the boss failed to turn it in and I have to go through the whole process again. Daycare around here is about $200 per child...making it $400 a week for me. The assistance helped me because they pay for it and I only pay $69 per month for the co-pay for both of my children.

    My caseworker said it's not fair because she knows it wasn't my fault but it's out of her hands since it's regulations. So, now I'm pissed, not at FJS but at my boss. I got the assistance on an "emergency" and I didn't have to wait the 30 days but now I've used up my "emergency" approval. What that means is I have to reapply, wait 30 days...but I can't apply unless I have a job....I can't get a job since I don't have babysitting arrangements.

    I called my boss on Saturday after I got the news and asked her about it...she finally admit that she was waiting to send it in with her Title 20 stuff for the center..."ok", I said, "but this was my personal Title 20 and not related to the center, why didn't you tell me or give the form back since this was my personal assistance?" I asked "well, how are we going to fix this"...she said she would give me a discount...a big whopping 15% of the $400 a week they would charge me!!! WTF...No Way....I said "this isn't going to work out for me and since so many things were not being ran professionally and since she is not willing to waive the fees since it was her mistake that I feel this is not the job I should be in"...she said, ok, thanks...bye.... 2 teachers down...1 left.

    There is a whole lot more to this daycare that I would not be surprised if they get shut down in less than a year. Communitive Diseases are going around there and they would tell us teachers "keep quiet, we need the money". There is lice and ringworm outbreak there, btw I did call the Health Department on them and they are going to take care of it.

    Teachers are forced to have more kids than allowed by ratio and licensing will be on their butts if they don't change this. They have a "we're hiring" sign up are they going to hire if they couldn't pay for us teachers???

    One Teacher left and she's about to quit.

    Anyway, this has been an interesting experience and I'm curious as to how this will end with the daycare. All I can do is chuckle because I've never seen a business ran so poorly. I don't have any business knowledge but even I can see all the mistakes they are doing.

  • MinisterAmos

    $200 week per kid and they can't pay you? That's farking insane.

    BTW I just enrolled my daughter at the daycare run at the local Catholic Church. Full sized indoor basketball court in the gym, cafeteria, indoor pool.....$115 week and the Director has a MAsters in child Psych.

    All the time I'm thinking "why the hell am I wasting my time with those JW morons?"

  • FreedomFrog
    $200 week per kid and they can't pay you? That's farking insane.

    I agree...

    They have 16 school agers 9 infants 7 toddles and 9 preschoolers for a total of 41 kids. Mind you, this is a very small center so they are maxed to how many kids they can have but with a smaller building comes with a smaller lease price. 41 x 200 = 8,200 per week times 3 weeks (give or take) = $24,600.

    3 teachers at $7. per hour at 40 hours. (actually it's been 50-60 hrs/wk but we've been paid only for 40)

    $280 x 3 = 840 a week for all the teachers....

    $840 x 3 (weeks) = Total pay for all teachers in a month.....$2,520

    There are expenses in running the building but they should have been making a little over $20,000 a month for all the expenses. They don't provide lunches either so that's not an expense.

    I can't see how a small building making over $20k a month still couldn't afford us teachers. That's a quarter of a million a year...I sure would like that kind of money.

  • Hortensia

    $24K a month gross isn't really very much income for a business. Besides payroll and rent there are things like licenses and taxes, supplies and equipment, advertising, insurance (which is probably pretty high), other payroll expenses besides payroll itself, bank fees, legal and accounting costs, recordkeeping, office equipment and supplies, computers and computer programs. Sounds also as if their procedures need improvement - sanitation, health and safety. Sometimes I think only a crazy person would run a business. However, not paying payroll is illegal - keep that up and it's go to jail time.

  • Abandoned

    As someone who has just come from a very negative work environment, my opinion is, get away from that mess and don't look back. Something better will show up. One thing about dysfunctional relationships like that is they don't get better. They only get worse.

    Good luck finding something that you love.

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