Calculus in 20 minutes

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  • VM44

    Professor Edward Burger of Williams College gets you ready for your Calculus 1 final by covering the entire course in under 20 minutes

    Calculus in 20 Minutes Part 1

    Calculus in 20 Minutes Part 2

    The Two Questions of Calculus

  • stillajwexelder

    I want to brag - I was doing INTEGRAL calculus at the age of 15

  • XOCO

    thats so cool VM44 calc just combines the courses of college algebra and trigonometry very well even though this all so basic i should be able to pass calc soon


  • proplog2

    Thanks for the link. My Explorer Favorites is loaded with goodies like this. If I could only stay off this forum I could learn a lot.

    Have you ever signed up at Stumble?

    Here is one of my favorite. I load up my Palm Pilot with this stuff and read it at the meeting.

  • R.Crusoe

    The only thing that wakes you up to how awake you are is when you realise how old Newton was when he spotted a few colours through a piece of glass and decided to work out the wavelengths of light. Like he had a light wavelength rule in his pocket right??? Yeah riiight!

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I depends on how much you have. I have been known to work for over an hour on tenatious calculus. Some people just build up more than others. You know, it is now proven that it can harm your overall health. Make heart disease worse. Diabetics find it especially bad.

    So I have to vote NO to calculus, not matter how fast you get it. I have seen what it can do. It is bad stuff. Avoid it, if at all possible.

  • R.Crusoe

    Horrible Life - You seem to have a theory that those who hav to much sex will give it up for their own sanity!

    Is sex like calculus? Maybe you have solved a worldwide problem and we should all parabolize each other?

  • Caedes

    Twenty minutes for revision, yes.

    Twenty minutes to learn calculus? no.

    It can take twenty minutes to complete and check one set of calculations!

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    SEX???? I am talking about teeth.

  • Ancient One
    Ancient One

    Thanks for that, it is actually a pretty good summary. Not that is of any practical use but he manages to pinpoint two core issues of differentiation and integration. It would be good if todays kids really saw real beauty of Calculus and mathematics in general. Unfortunately, these days everyone wants to be in marketing, advertising and management, i.e. lost of talking and no substance. I'm just wondering what they are going to be talking about when in some 20-30 years, if not sooner, all smart products start coming from India and China. Interesting how world's scene is changing and with it balance of power.

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