The Blood Issue Logically and Scripturally

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  • yourmomma

    Lets for the sake of argument say that God views blood sacred and having a blood transfusion would be a sin. The scriptures teach us that Jesus shed blood is a ransom sacrifice that covers ALL of our sins. The only unforgivable sin is rejecting Christ after accepting him, therefore becoming apostate, correct? So if that is correct, I am trying to figure out how a blood transfusion is the be all and end all of your faith and relationship with God? Would one not be forgiven based on the ransom sacrifice? If for instance the witnesses viewed fornication in the same light as a blood transfusion, could it be said that if one commits fornication they forever forfeit their everlasting life and standing with god?

  • ferret

    yourmomma..that is a good point you make.


  • civicsi00

    From your perspective, that is an excellent point you have brought up. I started a thread earlier this week (the title was "Blood Question") and I raised the point that if blood saves a life, then why refuse a blood transfusion? More importantly, Jesus stated that saving a life is better than sticking to the letter of the Law.

  • AuldSoul

    Not only did he state it, civicsi00, but according to one account he personally believed it.

    The woman with the flow of blood was not supposed to be anywhere near a crowd, was supposed to be crying out her unclean state, and shouldn't have been actively seeking to touch anyone, according to the Law.

    Jesus praised her rebelious act as an act of strong faith.


  • NotaNess

    2 Corinthians 3:13-17

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