I'm always so JW focused........but hey, I got Dish Hi-Def Sunday!!! OMG

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  • oompa

    Finally got around to a serious up-grade and all I can say is Holy Crap how things have changed...........amazing..............oompa

  • Abandoned

    Damn, Oooompa, a couple weeks ago I was feeling all sorry for you and now I want to run up their and pummel the crap out of ya. Way to change my opinion......

  • sspo

    i'm in the progress of buying one.

    What did you get, any suggestions?

  • oompa

    Just make sure you get high resolution, good contrast, and not the 720 but the1080 line format....that is pretty much the standard. I went with Samsung, but gosh they all look so good. I like really dark blacks, and also plasma screen are just about done for...lcd has taken over. The top rated hd-dvr from dish is unbelievable.. 350 hours....and add on external hard drive, and an i-pod jack. But it comes with two remotes and another tv uses the same box....the installer tapped in a third cable line controlled by the second tv and ran it to my garage for free!! hoops and football working on the Jeep, life is good....... if I can get stable!!!

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    ---- I got Dish Hi-Def Sunday!!! OMG ----

    Somehow I thought that was a drunken way of saying "I got dishfellowshipped Sunday!" Oh well.

  • changeling

    I like that you sound sober and stable. Can you keep up the good behavior? I think you can!

    You get a smiley face for today's efforts!


  • skeeter1

    Let's order pizza & beer!


  • oompa

    Changeling several times today I told my wife i am getting better...i have to...took all day, low stress lots of tea an no booze......Thanks hope to meet up with you and hub soon..............later............oompa

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