my song about leaving the jehovah witnesses

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  • flipflop

    i wrote this song and later i realized part of the song was about me leaving the JW's and so i thought i would share it hereClick here

  • Abandoned

    Nice picking, but how come we don't see your face. Are you doing a Waylon Jennings?

  • flipflop

    yeah i know i really didn't didn't think the video through i was just trying to save the song before i forgot it and then i realized i could post it here. i was hoping my friend will sing it for me in our band. he was raised a JW too. i have wanted to post something on this site but i can never think of what to say. i mean i never could bring my self to type my story of how i have tried to clear my mind of the cult or the bad, bad way i was treated! LOL. i cleared my mind and where there was religion now there is nothing. it feels nice tho!

  • belbab

    flip flop,

    It is good to see you taking a leap. Is it a hesitant leap?

    Are you singing back-up to the beat of your guitar?

    The guitar does not have much facial expression.

    I assume the microphone is on the table in front of the guitar. The sound of the guitar overwhelms your voice. Your voice comes out muffled, the words do not come out clear enough to get them all.

    If you are not in a position to reveal your face, then put your profile behind a screen so at least the listener can see the shadow of your movements.

    belbab, trying to be constructive and supporting.

  • flipflop

    i don't care about what people from canada think. . .i'm not leaping anywhere this is prob my only post i will ever do. i don't sit around all day thinking about jehovahs.

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