What about Jehovah taking care of stupid things?

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  • Reverend Warhawk
    Reverend Warhawk

    Like that time my sweet dear mother told me that she had lost her house keys, and she looked everywhere. Couldn't find them. She was worried, and to top it off, late for her meeting at the KH, so she asked Jehovah to help her find her keys and, you know? They were there, right beside her! She couldn't have missed them before, she had searched that place a hundred times! Jehovah must've made her keys appear...

    Poor mom. =o(

    We used to have a 1995 Dodge Caravan, and for some reason we lost a hubcap. I was mildly annoyed because I hate to have my car looking like that (it's like having one shirt tail tucked and the other one loose...) Anyway, suddenly I get a call from my dear sister...She was driving in the same street where we passed before and knew about said hubcap, and she thought to herself "Oh, Jehovah, where could that hubcap be?" And lo and behold, she turned her head and there it was, resting against a fence! God saved my minivan's looks!

    Hmm, so Jehovah took his time to find my hubcap while Brother X dies of cancer. Neat.

    Both my mother and my sister are intelligent people...although this stories make them sound like doorknobs. But it shows the extent of how the weird teachings about God we receive from the Watchtower affect our daily life. I always had a hard time accepting these tiny miracles...I saw it as a lack of respect. Man, if you're gonna believe in God, give him a proper place.

    Dad, who was an elder (a very open-minded one, though), had this saying: "Jehovah doesn't go around doing personal little miracles." He was a smart guy.

    So, next time you can't find your keys, or they change the time of your favorite TV show, ask Jehovah.


  • changeling

    You mom and sister sound like they are "blessed". LOL

    Jehovah helps you find your keys but lets someone else's kid die in a car wreck, go figure...


  • changeling

    Your topic reminds me of things I used to ask Jehovah when I was little:

    1- I was a wild thing and was always falling down and scrapping my knees or elbows. My mother's remedy for this was pouring peroxide directly on the wound. I would sit on the side of the tub, close my eyes tightly and silently ask Jehovah to "not make it hurt". As it turns out peroxide does not hurt...

    2-I had a cat who would sometimes disappear for days. I would pray every night that he was safe and I would tell Jehovah that I knew that all animals had to eventually die, but could he please make sure that my cat died a "nice" death and that he never lose a limb or his tail (lossing limbs freaked me out). At a ripe old age this cat just dissapeared and never came back.

  • Mastodon

    I asked Jehovah to help me deal with the stress, and lo and behold! somebody offered me a cigarette. Now I'm screwed 'cause I know he will be busy finding someone's keys while I die of cancer.

    The more I think about it, the more I'm covinced he's a douchebag.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I've found something more effective than praying: swearing. When I lose my keys and then say a swear word, I find them within 2 seconds nearly every time. I'm searching for a while before I swear, though. It works for me.

    The other side of the coin is that I could have found them without swearing. Nah!

  • VoidEater

    sound like doorknobs

    LOL! Needed that...ah, our dear relatives and their beliefs...

    Funny that whatever you're searching for is always in the very last place you look!

  • tooktheredpill

    Hey Rev!!

    Your comment about how your mom "asked Jehovah to help her find her keys" made me laugh. I've heard my mom saying exactly the same thing dozens of times! And she almost cry every time, thanking Jehovah for his help...

    There's an essay from Carl Sagan called "The pale blue dot", that I really like. (You can see it here: http://www.planetary.org/explore/topics/voyager/pale_blue_dot.html). There he explains how the earth looks from 4 billion miles away, and how our whole history is contained in that "pale blue dot".

    This thread made me think that If God created the Universe, with millions and millions of Galaxies, with billions and billions of stars, do you really think that he cares about helping you to find some lost keys????!!!!

    Now that I'm unplugged, I see things in a complete different way...

    And as you said... Poor Mom!!

  • WTWizard

    That is why I NEVER EVER pray to Jehovah or thank Him for anything. It could well have been Him that hid your keys or knocked the hubcap off, just to distract you from a more important issue (the Side Issue). Then He gets the credit when you pray to Him, and He then reveals where He hid the article. The problem is that He gets to keep the main issue unresolved, He gets praise for settling the side issue He created, and He is more likely to hide an article in the future when you need something major in life that He has resolutely decided not to let you have.

    I like the idea of swearing at it better, or lambasting Jehovah, instead of praying to Him. That way, Jehovah does not benefit in any way for creating nuisance problems as a smokescreen for His abject failure to satisfy you in real life. And, if the article does turn up, I will thank Satan instead of Jehovah.

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