We need a better 'spiritual points' system

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  • outofthebox

    I was in the service today (I know, I know... I KNOW!)...

    ... and I was thinking, the problem here is the current spiritual points system we have in place. You know what I am talking about. You are spiritual if you just show up to the service. If you have ten ours you are instantly spiritual. Well, that's not fair. There, I said it. We need anew and improved spiritual points system. And this is what I propose... Keep in mind this is only a draft, but with your help we can present this to our mediators (The GB), for their consideration. OK. Here we go...

    1. Leaving a magazine to a person: 2 points.
    2. Leaving a magazine in an empty house: 1 point.
    3. Talking to pedestrians: 2 points.
    4. Citing from the Bible: 1 point.
    5. Asking for a contribution: 5 points.
    6. Receiving a contribution and putting it in the contribution box: 25 points.

    If you accumulate 25 or more points you are officially spiritual for a month, also you are free from the blood guilt for a month. In this new spiritual points system you will be able to move your extra points to the next month.

    What do you think?


  • changeling

    Who are you pitching this to?

    Who says "the" service?


  • flipper

    How about not counting points or hours at all- and witnesses serving God out of love, and not what they can earn off of him? I like that idea better. Won't ever happen though- witnesses like to outwardly impress

  • outofthebox

    Dear changeling,

    This would be a nice recommendation to pitch our mediators, the Goberning Body. Come on, people, this was supposed to be a joke. Did you get it? Nah. I guess I am bad joker. Sorry.

    About your question: Who says "the" service? I guess me and maybe other people that know just a tad of English. Sorry.


  • AlmostAtheist

    I think this is a great idea! What would you get for leaving mags in a laundromat?

    Don't our British brethren say "the service"?


  • Must obey!
    Must obey!

    How about points for just being kind & caring, doing nice things for poor and needy people and the lonely and depressed. How about 50 points for each elder that invites over for a meal a depressed, lost soul who sits at the back of the meeting that always arrives late, leaves straight away, and hardly ever smiles.

    How about 50 points for every phone call or food hamper left on the door of every elderly, lonely, isolated person who misses lots of meetings.

    How about 100 points for showing a random act of real love and kindness to a worlding without being on field service or trying to convert them.

  • WTWizard

    I propose 100,000 points to the person that successfully ruins the Watchtower Society itself.

  • MissingLink
    How about points for just being kind & caring, doing nice things for poor and needy people and the lonely and depressed.

    I think you're confusing this with another organization.

    How about these

    • 1 point for using your own car in the field misery.
    • 1 point for walking away from a door and saying "goat" since this will simplify the job of the executioner later.
    • 1 point for saying to your brother/sister "We missed you at the last meeting" and not really meaning it.

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