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  • bobld

    This was debated on this forum however, since they are being issued to Joe Q public in 2008 I needed to update the GB/FDS.Per July 07 Km "Exciting changes for THE Watchtower,thrilling announcement: 2 editions of the watchtower.1 for the public and a study edition for J.W.'s.WHY because J.W. will not require to explain terms like "pioneer".Back in 2001 the WBTS/GB/FDS published a book "Benefit from Theocratic Ministry School Education".As you will see the WBTS/J.W. used these terms back in 2001,so why wait until 2008 for a public edition of the watchtower.Let's take a peak at the Benefit education book.

    "Jesus' sermon on the mount is a superb example of a talk that can be understood by people no matter who they are or where they live.and he expressed his thought in down to earth language Matt.chap 5-7."

    The next statement in the same book in the same chapter."Without some explanation those who are not associated with J.W. will not understand that,remnant,FDS,other sheep,and the great crowd identify groups of people.Similarly,unless a person is familiar with the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses,he will probably not understand what is meant by such terms as,publisher,pioneer,circuit overseer,memorial."

    So GB/FDS explain why Jesus and the Bible can be understood by people no matter where they live but your Watchtower can not be understood.Yet you call this a worldwide Bible education work or is it a worldwide sucker work.You know once a sucker signs on the bottom line(dunked) you have him/her hooked.Shame.shame,shame on you, why can't you come clean.You know the real reason for the public edtition.

  • V

    Watchtower Comments on YouTube has a piece on this. Link

  • journey-on

    I'm sure they will use a scripture like Luke 8:9-13 where, when his disciples asked Jesus about a parable he used, he told them "To you it is

    granted to understand the sacred secrets of the kingdom of God, but for the rest it is in illustrations."

    This is perfect for the JW mindset, because they LOVE the idea they are the ONLY true believers and the only

    ones capable of receiving this special insight.

    This Kool-Aid edition is going to be great fodder for us (JWD) in 2008! We are going to see the WTB&TS pull out

    all the stops to keep their flock chasing the carrot. I CAN'T WAIT to watch this unfold.

  • Abandoned
    Without some explanation those who are not associated with J.W. will not understand that,remnant,FDS,other sheep,and the great crowd identify groups of people.

    Plus, those are key words that would give red flags to anyone who is familiar with cult terminology and practices.

  • WTWizard

    For sure, the argument about keeping the Kool Aid Puketower away from us apostates has been thrown out the window. I have already succeeded in viewing January and February's Puketower before anyone in the Kingdumb Hell has had a chance to see any of them. So far, they are trying to focus on getting people into giving up more to become pioneers and to rely on prayer and trusting Jehovah because He has helped a few isolated people when His selfish, nefarious agenda was at stake. Nothing too serious yet. But, I think the worst is yet to come.

  • journey-on
    But, I think the worst is yet to come.

    Yep! I feel this in my gut, too. It's so sad to me to watch the good folks in JDubdom fall for this baloney decade after decade after decade after decade.....

    Some have wasted their ENTIRE life chasing this fantasy only to grow old and sick and poor. Some have thrown members of their family away for this religion

    believing they earn points with the great Jehovah for doing so. How very very sad. Yep! The worst is yet to come.

  • cultswatter

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