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  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    I made a post about this before, but felt the need to repost on a very important benefit I am part of. It is called Beards Because. Basically a group of guys have been growing thier beard out for the local battered women's shelter. We are tying to raise 10,000 and have raised 5,000. I have been passing out cards and trying to get the word out but haven't received one single donation! I would really like to say I at least raised SOMETHING. Anyways if you guys could donate even a dollar it would be helpful!

    Here are the links pay pal link HERE and this is the charities main page

  • Ayla

    This begs for a joke "for a small donation ...."

    Seriously, sounds like a nice cause; however, can you expand? What woman's shelter? What will the money be for? Your link to "BeardsBecause" didn't work for me. I don't fancy PayPal so more information including where to mail a dollar would be useful. Also, can we see a pic of said beards?

    Good luck.

  • erynw

    Here's a corrected link for the Beards Charity page.

    From the website which also includes an address to mail a donation. Good Luck in your fund raising!

    Beards BeCAUSE is a fundraising event that involves a group of volunteer men growing beards for two months to raise funds and awareness for the Battered Women's Shelter of Charlotte, North Carolina.

    The fundraising kicks-off November 3, 2007 at Dolce Vita and wraps up January 11, 2008.

    Each participant will be responsible growing a beard, raising donations, and awareness for the cause. Over the next few months weekly beard progress photos will be posted on the site to see who has the grizzliest beard.

    *Friends who want to donate checks for Beards BeCAUSE can write the check to United Family Services and putBeards BeCAUSE in the note line on the check so we'll know how much we have raised.*

  • Ayla

    That looks so much fun! I'd love to attend the "Grizzliest Adams" night. What a hoot.

    I wish you guys the best. Guys helpin' Gals - I love it! Plus - let's face it - women love a man with some facial hair. It's wonderful. So post pics here of any guys on this board who are participants.

    I will send some support via cash b/c I hate PayPal.

    Thanks for being members of your community ... small scale is best!


  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Thanks Eryn. I had to sensationalize up the subject to get people to look. It always annoys me when people do these things, but now look who is calling the kettle black? Ha. Anyways thanks if anyone donated and sorry for wasting space on the board.

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