10 am on a Saturday and guess who's knocking at my door...

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  • brunnhilde

    Yeah, a no brainer. I'm living with my DA'd brother and never passed my new info on to the brothers when I left so I thought at first my mom (who is still firmly in the cult) had passed the address on to the local wolves, but apparently it was just the usual Saturday morning not at homes being bothered. I watched them pull into the neighborhood and pegged them straightaway for dubs. I actually knew the guy who came to the door. I used to be friends with his daughter long ago in a universe far far away. Of course I was still in my pajamas with bedhead having just woken up (my seven year old is staying with his dad so I actually got to sleep in for once) so I just watched through the blinds, feeling very very weird and a little nervous. I hate that they still have that effect on me, but considering 36 years of brainwashing I'm not surprised...


  • lisavegas420

    my husband just informed me the JW's came by yesterday while I was at work. They only come now when my car isn't in the driveway.

    "What did ya say? What did ya say?" I asked all excitedly.

    He says, "I told them I wasn't interested."

    OMG I screeched........, What a lame excuse! Can't you do any better than that? Haven't I taught you better than that?

    he said..."sorry, I'll try harder next time."


  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Maybe they are synchronizing! I got my morning visit today too.I didn't answer.

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