visit from witnesses at the door, they made me so mad

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  • nelly1

    I had witnesses knock on my door yesterday, oh man talk about deluded, those of you can read my posts from the past to see my story, but when they asked me what religion I was I said x jw not dissed or dissassociated, I breifly told them a few home truths including the short version of how I was treated in the org, this dummy obviously an elder and his wife stood there and said, I can promise you that it is most likely if you come back that wont happen to you again, THE ARROGANCE!!!! I said to them you cannot stand there and say that, sheesh who do they think they are, they dont know what I went through or what kind of wolves lurk in the cong I was in, I told them I had read ray franz book and I said you wont know any of the truths about brooklyn because you are not allowed to look on the net or read anything non JW.

    the wife said yes we can we just dont look at apostate websites, I nearly laughed at her, she said to me ray franz was only dissfellowshipped because he went against the scriptures, grrrrrrrrrrrrr they make me so mad, they read me scriptures I already know etc and tried to justify some of the things that happened to me.

    oh man dont you just want to scream sometimes????

  • Gopher

    Nelly, I'm sorry to hear what the JW's in your old hall did to you. They were hypocritical and unloving, and the bad memories still remain.

    However, as far as these JW's calling on you -- why even give them the time of day? Like my mom once said, nobody can make you mad without your permission.

    These ones who called on you are a weird combination of ignorant and insensitive. They blindly believe they have the truth, and that you need it to be happy. There's nothing you can really accomplish by talking to these people except having your day ruined.

  • nelly1

    yeah mate I know what you mean and you are right, i should have just said no thanks not interested, they tried to get my name but I refused to give it, its so nice to have this site to talk to others who have been through similar experiences you know you are not alone

  • changeling

    Next time spare yourself the grief and get on their: "home but hidding" list.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm happy that I live in a restricted entrance building. About once a year a JW will leave a message on my phone from the front door.

  • WTWizard

    They can promise me all they want that things will not be the same if I go back. If anything, they will actually be even worse because of the hounders that want to make sure I never get loose again. I know that single men with no prospects are like gold to them, since there are so many "privileges" including missionary assignments that are only open to single men with no prospects. That's how I know they will do the same sxxx they did on me the last time. They do not want to sacrifice that "gold" for my happiness--no matter how much they promise.

    Oh well, it will be good business for Bronners next April.

  • acadian

    I don't talk scripture with them, all I say is, you belong to a corporation created by Man's government not God's, you can't serve two masters.

    Their words are null and void "ab initio" ( "from the start/beginning")

  • buffalosrfree

    Visits are opportunities, You could have said something In my religion (har har) we have a set of individuals who dictate to everyone in the religions. but I am confused Didn't jeremiah 10:23 say that it does not beling to man even to lead his own steps or something like think, look slightly confused when you say it, and then add doesn't psalms 146:3 tell us not to put our trust in men also? They will probably try and answer with their bs but who knows maybe it might put a idea in their heads; especially if you follow and end with If we aren't suppose to be able to lead ourselves how is it that some religions say we are to put trust in them which is directly against the biblical teaching don't you agree?????

  • Finally-Free

    I usually get rid of them quickly by telling them I won't associate with cults that protect pedophiles. I wonder if they hear me though. Last time the 2 grinning idiots just kept bobbing their heads like pigeons and the smiles never left their faces, even as I was shutting the door.


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