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  • Celtic

    As individuals, what do you think of the actions of the global anti-capitalism movement? Do you think we could learn anything from them? Do you think this community might learn anything about the ways in which they organise themselves? Any input to share?

    For a reason, please be as precise as possible within your views, one liners not needed, thanks all the same.



  • Escargot

    Well, is this a new term for communism? If so, so far, it has not worked on a national/international scale. Capitalism (i.e. America) seems to be the best bet, even considering the human equation.

    Erasmus (1520 AD): "If we want truth, every person ought to be free to speak what they think without fear."

  • Satanus

    The capitalists seem to be bombing the hell out of anticapitalists. It would seem the capitalists are winning.

  • Dino

    Hey Celtic. I take it this would be capitalists who are against globalization? This is the first time I have ever heard of an organised movement such as this. Please elaborate if you can. Meantime I will check google. Dino

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