Emails to Guardian over its WTS/UN articles

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  • hawkaw

    Steve Bates was kind enough to get this to me yesterday. Unfortunately I was busy yesterday and couldn't get it up on the board.

    I have posted the Email on the big thread titled "MAJOR UN/WTS NEWS- UN LETTER & 1992 Pre... ".

    Go click on the "active" with a yellow background to find the thread. Or click on the following url:


    The Witness (unnamed of course) who responds to Mr. Bates' articles uses the standard ad hominem, strawman and non sequitur arguements that is typical of a "theocratic war strategy". I love his comments regarding Witnesses not being "disfellowshiped" for being critical of a doctrine (Yeah, right - as I pulled out my copy of the "Pay Attention to the Flock Book" and what violations get a person disfellowshipped).

    Some of you may take offence to the person's tone regarding who is feeding Steve this information. What can I say.


  • nelly136

    Has Steve Bates got a copy of the pay attention book? perhaps someone should forward him a bit of it for the hell of it

  • expatbrit

    I was going to ask if it would be a good idea to e-mail Mr. Bates providing further information on the points in the email he received.

    Having read the thing, I see that it is not necessary. The writer damages the WT's image more than former witnesses can.


  • altom

    Dear Hawkaw,
    I notice you refer to the "Pay attention to Flock" book and the reasons it gives for disfellowshipping.Don't think I know of that book.Is it old or recent? If it's not too long,could you tell me what it says on that subject.(i.e reasons for disfellowshipping.) I'm disfellowshipped.Thanks!

  • hawkaw

    Here are a few places you can read it. I think the key parts start about page 90 and go to page 143. I would urge you to read the whole thing. This "Flock book" is an elder's handbook that came out in 1991. It is supplemented with letters from the Body of Elders and is in the process of being revised and published sometime soon.





    hawk (Note if you care I use the last "url" to obtain my copy)

    p.s. - welcome altom

  • altom

    Will check it out.Please let me have the latest info when it appears if you think of it at the time. Thanks ~ Altom

  • Pathofthorns

    It was an interesting email.

    The person gave all the standard lines. I always love the "we don't have leaders other than Christ" line.

    The person probably believes his own answers and lacks an understanding how things really are. At the same time he does have an understanding of how JWs view things, such as the WTBTS, yet still parrots the "that is just a legal corporation" line.

    To me, it is a classic case of double-think. He is saying things that he believes, even though he knows the reality contradicts that.

    He knows full well that the GB (or the "faithful slave") lead this group. He knows that he answers to elders and they answer to the CO who answers to the DO who answers to the Branch who answers to the GB, so he knows a heirarchy exists. He knows that "the Society" is represents more to JWs than just a "legal corporation".

    I hope this email with standard JW cult thinking and arguments gives Steven Bates more reasons to write further on the subject.


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